Crashing Your Arm Party: Our Favorite Bracelets Under $60

Michael Kors watch and bracelets

Michael Kors watch and bracelets

What’s a surefire way to look like you’ve been at the fashion game for a few seasons? Editors and bloggers alike know the key to the look is a stack of bangles, bracelets and more that look like you’ve been collecting for years. While we’re all about a statement piece (be it a big, bold watch or a classically cool Hermès Collier de Chien), but there’s something irresistible about the jingle, jangle and sparkle that comes with a stack of bracelets. But we know that like anything, with abundance comes a big price tag. Fear not, daring accessorizer, because we’ve found bracelets, bangles and more that give a big impact whether you’re wearing them solo or adding them to the crowded party that’s already in full swing on your wrist, and not a single one will set you back more than $65.

Michael Kors 'Glam Rock' Leather Wrap Bracelet

Michael Kors ‘Glam Rock’ Leather Wrap Bracelet

The king of more, more, more is none other than Michael Kors, who’s been known to stack the wrists of his runway models with up to a dozen bracelets. Just check out any of his ads, where his jet-set leading ladies is never spotted without one of his signature watches and an arm full of bangles, bracelets and more. One of our favorites is the Michael Kors Glam Rock Leather Bracelet ($56.98), which brings together the glamour and glitz of gold with soft supple leather and major sparkle thanks to a pave pyramid done up in black crystals. Glam rock indeed, but it’s sure to play nice with just about any other bracelet you’ve collected.

Available at Nordstrom.

Same Sky TOMS Exclusive

Same Sky TOMS Exclusive Bracelet

Same Sky is a charity brand that’s all about bringing women together. Their Benefit bracelets, which just became available at the new TOMS Marketplace, are colorful, cheerful and meant to be stacked, mixed and matched for a look that’s boho and charitable thanks to the company’s commitment to help out women around the world. The set of three bracelets they’ve designed just for TOMS ($50) are stretchy for easy-on-easy-off wear and benefit women right here in America. Same Sky America works with women in Jersey City. The program enlists women who have recently been released from jail and provides them with training and employment. Other bracelets from the brand come from other programs, which work with women in Subsaharan Africa to give them education and the ability to earn a livable wage for themselves and the benefit of their families.

Available at the TOMS Marketplace.

Giles & Brother Skinny Railroad Spike

Giles & Brother
Skinny Railroad Spike

The Giles & Brother Railroad Spike ($55) has become an instant classic in both the skinny version (shown) and the more substantial thick cuff, which is a go-to piece for our Menswear Editor Christopher Luu (who’s always got an enviable stack of bracelets himself). It’s a simple piece, riffing on a classic railroad spike, only it’s done up in brass — which will develop a unique patina with each wear — and ready for personalization. Guys and girls alike are getting initials, short sayings and more hammered into their spikes, giving everyone a chance to add that special something to their pieces. This is one piece we love alone, but if you’re not one to share your secrets, it’ll look great stacked along with any of our picks.

Available at Neiman Marcus.

Alex and Ani Initial Bangle

Alex and Ani Initial Bangle

Alex and Ani bangles ($28) have become a hit among girls that are a little spunkier than say, the sort that wear Tiffany hearts. Thanks to an accessible price point and and a seemingly endless array of designs (which include initials, as we’ve shown, as well as sorority letters, astrology symbols, school logos and even collaborations with Disney and more) we’ve seen stacks of these bangles from coast to coast. Each bracelet is infused with positive energy, according to founder Carolyn Rafaelian and each and every one is made right here in America, giving you just one more reason to stock up on this stacker.

Available at Bloomingdale’s.

Rebecca Minkoff 18k Gold Plated Interlocking Bangles

Rebecca Minkoff 18k Gold Plated Interlocking Bangles

When handbag designer turned ready-to-wear maven Rebecca Minkoff expanded into jewelry, we knew the results would be highly covetable, and we definitely weren’t wrong. Season after season, she’s released items that we’ve lusted over that are truly classic, like the Interlocking Bangle Set ($44) and trendier pieces that incorporate neon, spikes and more. We’re classicists though, so while everyone else can rock studs and fringe, we’ll keep it simple and opt for this stunning gold stack, which is actually just one bracelet that’s comprised of three interlocking rings. Talk about easy: slip this baby on and you’ll have a party in no time flat.

Available at Neiman Marcus.

Images courtesy Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Michael Kors, Nordstrom and TOMS

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