Cuff Creates Wearable Tech You’ll Want to Wear

Cuff's Deepa Sood

Cuff’s Deepa Sood

With the recent announcement that Google Glass would be getting some design help from the folks at Warby Parker and then an additional partnership with Ray-Ban and Oakley, it seems that wearable tech might finally become something that the general public will want to wear and not just a novelty for the geek squad. But for every FitBit and Nike Fuelband development, sometimes wearable tech gets too techy and moves away from wearable. Enter Cuff, a brand that creates jewelry with integrated technology that’ll look great stacked with the rest of your arm party.

Cuff’s creator, Deepa Sood, actually has a background in writing and law, but she dropped all of that to become the Vice President of Product at Restoration Hardware, where she spent her days creating items that inspired lust and delight for the store’s clientele. Sood married into tech (her husband/business partner works in software development) and after a few too many glasses of wine and her group of friend’s geek-out over the release of the Nike Fuelband, she decided that she could create something that blended tech and function without losing any sense of fashion.

Cuff designs

Cuff designs

But Cuff isn’t just another fitness bracelet. Instead, the line’s star item, the CuffLinc, is a modular bit that fits into an array of jewelry items. One day you can slip it into a Cuff necklace, the next day a bold cuff and the next a boho leather bracelet. So instead of having to stay loyal to the look of a FitBit or a JawBone, you can change up your look and integrate the Cuff and CuffLinc into looks you’re already wearing. Cuff’s debut collection of jewelry consists of nine different pieces in two finishes, ranging from heavy, statement cuffs to leather bracelets and dainty charm necklaces meant to appeal to the street style set and the Wired reader alike.

Cuff Cuffs

Cuff Cuffs

Currently, Cff has three main functions: security, notifications, and fitness tracking, all controlled by a dedicated app. Fitness tracking is akin to what a Nike FuelBand or FitBit can provide you with, such as calories burned or steps taken. Security is a sort of SOS signal that you can use in case of emergencies, sending a signal out to a group of friends you’ve designated as a protective circle. In addition, Cuff’s notifications can let you ignore your phone by vibrating only when certain people call or send you a text.

Sood is also opening up Cuff to the design community, so other designers can get in on the action and integrate CuffLincs into their accessories and even ready-to-wear. Imagine a Fendi Bag Bug with a little slot for a CuffLinc or maybe a Chrome Heart CuffLinc bangle — the possibilities are endless, which is exactly how Sood wants the Cuff to grow.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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