Holiday Head Start: High-Tech Gifts for Teens

If you know a teenager, you’re probably more familiar with their hairstyles than their actual faces, because they’re constantly hunched over their techy toys. Whether they’re plugged into their iPhones, iPods or iPads, something that lets them cozy up even closer to their technology is a sure bet. Grab a few of these picks and you’ll keep them warm while they’re looking cool.

Tech Candy It's Bonus Time Battery Extender

Tech Candy It’s Bonus Time Battery Extender

We love our Apple products, but long for more battery life with them. So if your teen (or you) need a little extra juice to get through the day, the Tech Candy It’s Bonus Time Battery Extender ($48) is a quick and easy way to charge your phone on the go. Small enough to fit into even the trendiest bag — it’s minaudière friendly — just charge this puppy up at home and when you’re feeling the midday drain coming on, plug it into your phone and it’ll be good to go in a few minutes. Leave it connected for a full two hours and you’ll be back to 90%. It’s got a handy LED display on the front to let you know just how much energy you’re packing so you’ll never be caught with a dead device ever again.

Available at Nordstrom.

U|R Wired Tech Hat

U|R Wired Tech Hat

If you’re looking to wrangle headphones, a cold-weather topper and trying to keep your hair looking great, you might as well just throw in the gloves (more on that later). If you’ve got the U|R Wired Tech Hat ($38), you can win the battle against cold and clutter. Outfitted with a set of speakers and a built-in microphone, the beanie lets you gab on the phone, listen to music and stay warm all at once. The modular speakers are removable for when you need to wash your hat and the microphone is compatible with just about any device — Apple or not.

U|R Long Knit Tech Gloves

U|R Long Knit Tech Gloves

And what about cold fingers? Not to worry, because the company’s Long Knit Tech Gloves ($29.50) let any rabid texter click away without having to remove their gloves. Built-in fibers at thumb and index fingers are compatible with any touchscreen device and U|R even outfitted the gloves with slip-resistant rubber grips to make sure everyone has a firm grip on their precious phones. An extra-long shaft means these gloves will stay put whether they’re paired with a coat or a sweater, and they’re available in all the same colors as the beanie, so mix and match to your heart’s content.

Both items available at Nordstrom.

Hello Kitty Pop Phone

Hello Kitty Pop Phone

They’re all too young to even remember when phones came with cords attached, but we’re sure that they’ll still love the cute-factor (as opposed to the kitsch factor) of the special edition Hello Kitty Pop Phone ($39.99) from Native Union. Designed by award winner David Turpin, the now ubiquitous throwback phone plugs into any mobile phone or computer. Made to look like a mid-century bakelite handset, the Hello Kitty edition adds a sweet bow and is available in three different colors. Use it for Skype, Google Talk and more, just be ready for jealous stares when you see everyone else’s non-Hello Kitty version.

Images courtesy Nordstrom and Native Union


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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.