L.A. Jewelry Designer Sheila Fajl Talks Trends and Oprah’s Favorite Things

Shiela Fajl

Sheila Fajl

When you’ve created one of Oprah’s favorite things, you know that you’re onto something big. And that’s exactly what happened to Los Angeles-based jewelry designer Sheila Fajl. When Oprah was wearing one of the designer’s rings on the cover of her magazine, it was as much of a surprise to her as it was to her legion of loyal fans. As an under-the-radar line, having Oprah wearing a Sheila Fajl design was a seal of approval that Fajl never expected.

“Seriously, when you are so young and your work is endorsed by huge public figures it makes you feel like a star,” says Fajl. “But also, in my case, made me more of a workaholic and my passion to improve and excel only grew.”

Fajl didn’t start out designing jewelry. In fact, she worked in just about every other aspect of the fashion industry before discovering her love of adornment. Fajl started as a runway model in her home country of Brazil before shifting her focus to the design and manufacturing of clothing and shoes.

Jewelry is a personal favorite and by far the most challenging and fun to design,” she adds. “But without a doubt, the most rewarding.”

Favorite Hoops

Everybody’s Favorite Hoops

The line’s look and feel blend Fajl’s Brazilian heritage as well as the laid-back vibes of her L.A. lifestyle. And the best model for her line? Herself, naturally. She’s always accessorized to the max — it’s in a Brazilian’s blood, trust us — dripping with her own designs without looking overdone. All of the pieces in the collection, from the big, bold necklaces to the daintiest pendants and rings, are pieces that Fajl would wear herself. And her line’s raw and organic style (designed in L.A. and made in Brazil) has caught the eyes of the celeb set, too, including big names such as the aforementioned Oprah as well as Eva Longoria, Dancing with the Stars‘ Carrie Ann Inaba and more.

Each of my pieces carry a bit of me,” Fajl says. “My design and manufacturing process follows crazy guidelines and nothing that I don’t absolutely love and want to wear every day comes out of my studio.”

The line’s biggest seller is the Everybody’s Favorite Hoop, which are an everyday piece that are lightweight and sedate without getting lost in long locks (an L.A. mainstay). Another reason the pieces are so popular? Fajl’s all about giving girls options. Most of her pieces are available in multiple finishes for mixing, matching and collecting. And for those who are still getting used to blending gold, silver, oxidized metals and more, Fajl has some advice:

Sheila Fajl

Sheila Fajl

Because I have this Brazilian look or feel in my soul, I mix it all. Gold, rose gold, old silver, old gold, elegant chains and beads,” says Fajl. “You need to find the mix that compliments your style. You don’t need to be afraid off it, it’s not like a tattoo or a haircut that will be hard to get rid of, it’s just jewelry. So go for it, go have some fun! With a little courage you can add some excitement into your everyday.”

Fajl’s maximalist mentality when it comes to jewelry is a reflection of her L.A. bohemian babe attitude and it’s also in line with spring’s biggest trend: layered looks. After a few seasons of demure embellishment and clean, ’90s minimalism, it looks like fashion’s swinging towards a more is more mentality.

“The layered necklaces are a blast every morning. Now that we are moving towards the summer colors, it gets even better. They look like candy!” says Fajl of the trend. “I’m talking about a more bohemian look: horns, tusks, tassels layered with big eye-catching rocks, with colorful delicate stones, layered with the little dainty necklaces. It’s a raw, unstructured look that screams for attention.”

Sheila Fajl

Sheila Fajl

Another way Fajl keeps her fans happy? Many of her pieces ring up at under $100, especially staple pieces that women will want to wear everyday. It’s something that appeals to celebs and everyday women alike. Stacking rings, the Everybody’ Favorite Hoops, bracelets and more don’t break the bank and are verastaile enough for women no matter their style. The line’s L.A. vibes are resonating with women from coast to coast, since the brand is super active on social media and everyone seems to want a piece of the Golden State.

“We can’t forget that we live in L.A., that we work with so many celebrities, so many stylists and costume designers, and that the pieces need to be able to be worn in multiple ways, to multiple kinds of events,” says Fajl. “We have pieces that have literately been seen on celebrities at the beach and later, the same piece being worn at an Oscar party.”

For more information and to shop the Sheila Fajl collection, visit shop.sheilafajl.com.

Images courtesy Sheila Fajl

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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