Save Steal Splurge: The Logo Belt

Minimalism has seen its day. We saw it when Alessandro Michelle’s Gucci was taking over with its Grey Gardens-meets-Ms. Havisham look and magpie tendencies, but we can officially call it: more is more is more. While some die-hards will never say that sleek and clean is over, many fashion labels are releasing and re-releasing logos like it’s 1999. So if you don’t have a vintage treasure trove to raid, we’re recommending these bold belts to give your simplest looks a big dose of designer cred. Is it too much? Definitely. Are we loving it? You bet. Sometimes, you just want to show your loyalties where everyone can see. And hey, when that early ’90s minimalism comes back, you can stow your belt away — It doesn’t take up much room! — and wear it again when the fashion pendulum inevitably swings back towards decadence.

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Save: Moschino Logo Plate Skinny Leather Belt ($195)

Steal: Tory Burch Gemini Link Patchwork Belt ($250)

Splurge: Gucci Bengal Tiger Print Leather Belt ($370)

Images courtesy Nordstrom, Tory Burch, and Selfridges

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Author:Fashion Trends Daily Staff

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