Luxe American Heritage Label Palter DeLiso Returns

The Palter DeLiso Store in Beverly Hills

The Palter DeLiso Store in Beverly Hills

What comes around goes around — that’s what they say. But for Palter DeLiso, those words ring true. The American heritage brand was founded back in 1927 by a pair of dapper dudes (literally, the term Dapper Dan was coined to describe Palter DeLiso co-founder Dan Palter) but went sleepy for about 45 years. It was revived by Lauren Bruksch and Taz Saunders. Together they teamed up to bring the brand back from the history books and back onto the feet of well heeled shoppers. With the opening of the Palter DeLiso flagship in Beverly Hills, it looks like the brand is about to be the next big thing all over again.

Back in its heyday, Palter DeLiso was credited for creating the peep-toe slingback, which is still a silhouette that you can find today from just about every brand, from mass labels at the department store to contemporary designers and even the highest-end luxury lines. It’s a classic that never went away, even though the designer line that created it did. But in addition to that honor, Palter DeLiso is also credited with being the first brand to use colored leather in its shoes, as well as being the first line to use floral prints and leopard. All of those footwear innovations earned Dan Palter the honor of receiving the inaugural Neiman Marcus Award in 1938 and later, the first Coty Fashion Award.

In 2013, the brand was revived by Lauren Bruksch and Taz Saunders. She drew from her past at Mattel and he brings his experience in brand development to the line (he’s worked in photography, film, television and more). Together, they brought the brand back from the annals of fashion and launched it as if no time had passed at all. The first collection included classic styles in solids and patterns and naturally, included a slingback peep-toe.

 “We felt there was a huge opportunity to re-launch an American heritage brand that had a really beautiful history and narrative, as well as a treasure trove of archives,” Bruksch told WWD.

Last month, the pair opened up the Palter DeLiso flagship in Beverly Hills. The store reflects the glam heritage of the line, integrating Hollywood Regency touches as well as gold and more throughout. And while working with so much history might seem daunting, the dynamic duo have modernized the line without losing sight of the classic styles that it was built on. They’ve also introduced handbags as well as a full range of boots, wedges and other styles. Produced in Florence, Italy, the brand has positioned itself to step right alongside more recognizable names in the industry.

And of course, the brand’s proximity to Hollywood means that starlets and ingenues alike are already noticing. Minnie Driver and Abigail Spencer have been spotted in the shoes on the Red Carpet and Miranda Lambert wore a pair while performing at the 2014 Country Music Awards.

Palter DeLiso is located at 9631 Brighton Way, in Beverly Hills. For more information, visit

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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