Luxe Leatherhouse Moynat Sets Out On World Tour. First Stop: Galeries Lafayette

The Moynat installation

The Moynat installation

For venerable leather house Moynat, known for its trunks and travel accessories, exclusivity and under-the-radar luxury are key.  The house, established in 1849 before a certain Louis and Goyard were on the scene, was re-invigorated by LVMH in 2011. (Read our original piece on Moynat here, for more info.)

But “re-invigorated” for Moynat doesn’t mean you’ll see its bags swinging on everyone’s arms anytime soon. They retained their uber-exclusivity by launching with only one namesake boutique in Paris as its only distribution point. While that certainly ups the cachet considerably, it also makes for a tricky strategy to get the word out to anyone not willing to hop a plane to the City of Light.  The solution: why a trunk show, Bien sûr! After all, Moynat is a brand with a deep travel pedigree, so the idea of a roving display makes perfect sense for a label that embraces wanderlust.

The first stop for the Moynat installation is Paris’ tourist-heavy Galeries Lafayette. Beginning in July, the department store will house a 250-square-foot cage meant to echo the curvilinear lines of Moynat’s famed limousine suitcases and trunks. (In its day, the brand made luggage that was specially contoured to the shape of a car roof, as automobiles were just debuting as the new way to travel.)

Inside, the shop-in-shop will feature an exhibit showcasing vintage travel trunks and space to house the brand’s best-selling bags and items meant for special order, such as bike baskets, wallets, special edition pieces and more. What’s more, the installation will give shoppers and tourists alike a reason to head to the flagship boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré if something catches their fancy.

Moynat bags

Moynat bags

After its tenure at Galeries Lafatette, Moynat plans to embrace the travel bug that forms the backbone of the brand and take the instillation, caravan-style, to fashion capitals around the globe. It’s a move that is very much in keeping with its history. In the past, the label gained exposure by having a similar marketing strategy. During the brand’s heyday, Moynat “pop-up shops” were a regular sight at events such as the World’s Fair and high-end auto shows throughout Europe. And with the road show setting to expand the brand’s horizons to shoppers everywhere, the brand is also eyeing more boutiques in key markets. So while Moynat remains under the radar for now, it might just bring its luxury caravan to a city near you before long.

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