Mansur Gavriel to Streamline Shopping and More in 2015

Mansur Gavriel's Bucket Bag

Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket Bag

Balenciaga has its Le Dix City Bag, Fendi has its Baguette (a Carrie Bradshaw favorite) and Dior’s saddle bag also had its time in the It-Bag spotlight, but not since the Great Recession has a label debuted a carryall that has had the fervor of the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Making its debut in 2012, the simple satchel — along with its siblings, which include a tote and backpack — is still one of the hardest to find accessories on the market. The creators of the line, which include one Los Angeles lady and her Berlin-based BFF, promise that the bags will be easier to snag this year, but if the bucket is to join in the ranks of It-Bag superstars such as the Balenciaga, it’ll still be an elusive find.

Shoppers are ready to pounce. When the label debuted e-commerce on the site, which included every style and every colorway in one place — albeit a virtual one — for the very first time, almost all items were sold out in under an hour. Under the Instagram post that announced the brand’s foray into online shopping, scalpers were willing to sell their finds while other resourceful ladies were trading colors and styles for the bucket or tote, the line’s most recognizable and popular styles. Ringing up at around $400 and topping the range with a few $1,000 choices keeps the line well below its It-Bag compatriots and is the sweet spot for a line that is just two years old.

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel

Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel

To keep those customers happy and to reign in a slew of new loyal fans, the designing duo promise that the waitlists will be more streamlined and fair. The brand only uses one factory in Italy, so the supply is short and the demand remains high — a problem many, many startup fashion lines would love to have. And while the line has no formal waiting list of its own, during the boom that occurred during the e-commerce debut, customers were directed to the line’s other retailers, which include Bird boutique, Steven Alan locations and Barneys New York. The coming year promises more stock at Mansur Gavriel’s partners, all of whom are willing to wait patiently thanks to 100% sell through and absolutely no markdowns on any product.

That rabid demand and the perfect not-quite-luxury price point, the brand is sure to have a rosy outlook for 2015, especially since the designers are committed to their customers and the stores that carry their line. With exclusives in the works for Opening Ceremony (they have already worked together on one exclusive capsule), new additions to the line that are sure to gain cult status as well as more plans for expansion, it’s only the beginning for a line that’s bucked all trends so far — and an exciting time to watch a brand grow on its own terms.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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