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The New Year started out as a time of well-intentioned juice cleanses, fasts, new fitness club memberships, carb loathing and more. Now that it’s spring, we’ve thrown up our hands and given up on having Jennifer Aniston’s arms, but we know all to well that swimsuit season is looming! Thankfully, one fitness trend has stuck with us — and to us, actually: Our FitBit Zip fitness tracker that logs our every step, calculates our caloric expenditures and sends us happy, colorful badges when we reach goals. They even have one that will also track your sleep.

We’ll be honest: It’s the kind of gadget we weren’t sure about at first. The kind we thought we would love and then leave when the novelty wore off. Instead, we revel in meeting (and often beating) our personal daily goal of at least 10,000 steps and in receiving our happy little badges of accomplishment. For the record: Two hearty dog walks and our usual office pacing and daily home tasks will get us to 10k. Love it as we do, we’re still fickle. And we’re ready to move on to greener pastures and dump our Fitbit Zip for the new Fitbit Flex bracelet, which launches this spring. We want something even sleeker that we don’t have to clip on. (We’ve had to fish down our Lululemons more than a few times to find the Zip, which had come unclipped.)

But the Fitbit isn’t the only activity-tracking bracelet on the block. Far from it! Read on to find your sexy new fitness companion!

flexFitbit Flex

Cost: $TBD. It launches this spring. Get in line.

This baby is like a recon device for your health. The enemy: your naughty habits. The goal: Observe them and eradicate them — in style, of course! The Flex, which comes in of-the-moment tangerine and teal, as well as slate and black — will track your steps taken, calories burned, hours slept, quality of sleep, active minutes, hours slept. And its water resistant for amphibious missions. The LED lights on the bracelet show you how you’re stacking up against your own goals, and for those competitive souls who can’t even stand it when someone else does a better downward dog in class, never fear: You and your friends can register online and track one another’s movements.

The really good news, though, is that Fitbit is not yet capable of tracking trips to Barneys, handbags purchased or other such sartorial shenanigans. Although, we fear such devices are coming soon. For now, we’ll get in line for the black and hope it looks great with our other arm candy.

Available at Fitbit and major retailers everywhere.

Nike+ Fuelband

Nike+ FuelbandNike+ Fuelband

Cost: $149

The Nike+ Fuelband is what brought tech-savvy accessories to the forefront of fitness. The sleek device allows users to track their daily movements (Nike uses Fuel as its own unit of measurement, though you can check your caloric burn, too) and have their results tallied up every time they plug their device into their computers.

We’ve seen them on everyone from Apple employees (feel the burn using those multifinger swipes!) to baristas and fitter-than-thou hipsters.

The bracelets are available in three colors: black, clear and gray. To add to the excitement of reaching your daily goals, Nike has implemented daily missions, a video-game like interface that allows you to rank on worldwide leaderboards — or custom-created boards with just your Fuelband buddies — to give you further incentive to burn, baby, burn. When you reach your goal, the band salutes you with a different light display each day. Plus, it doubles as a watch.

Available at Nike stores, Apple stores and major retailers everywhere.

Jawbone Up

Jawbone Up

Jawbone UP

Cost: $129.99

Girls and guys who find the Nike+ Fuelband to be too bulky or boast too many bells and whistles can opt for a sleeker take on the trend from bluetooth maestros Jawbone. Their bracelets lean more on the stylish side (it’s available in a rainbow of colors) and because it’s meant to be worn all day and all night, it’s softer, more flexible and lighter in weight. The accompanying app lets you add in meals and drinks while the bracelet itself tracks everything from your sleep cycles to your daily activities. The result? Jawbone says it is a more holistic approach to fitness, allowing you to see just when you’re at your most active and when you’re more sedentary, so you can make changes to your daily routine. You even wear it in the shower; the bracelet is completely waterproof. When you’ve been idle for too long, the bracelet will alert you to get up and get moving, but there’s also a mood log, so after the second or third time it’s reminded you to get up off your arse at work, you can tell it that you don’t appreciate the nagging. Our favorite feature is the power nap, which will wake you up 26.5 minutes after you’ve fallen asleep for the perfect afternoon catnap.

Available at Jawbone.com.

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

Cost: $99.99

So you want to be fit but you don’t want to show it off. Maybe you’re a fan of Margiela and Céline’s brand of off-kilter minimalism. The Misfit shine would fit right into your Balenciaga-clad life (We’re looking at you, Kate Lanphear). The size of a quarter, it’s designed to discreetly track your activities. Snap it into a wristband, wear it as a necklace, clasp it on using any of the accessories and the little silver gem will track your every move whether you’re cycling, swimming or just strolling around Saks (we won’t tell).

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

Former Apple CEO John Sculley headed the team at Misfit, which might be why we can see geeks salivating over the clean design. The device connects to your iPhone via magnets, so just tap the Misfit against your screen and it’ll show you what you’ve done and how much more you’ve got to do to reach your daily goals.

Pre-order the Misfit Shine now at www.misfitwearables.com.

Images courtesy Jawbone, Nike, Misfit and Fitbit

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