Pantone Colors Your Life with Homegoods, Beauty and More!

Pantone Postcards

Pantone Postcards

Pantone, the world’s leading color authority, doesn’t just set the color trends for the fashion and interior design world with their forecasts and yearly pick for Color of the Year. Oh no, they want to turn your world into one fabulous technicolor dream. Or rather, for this spring it it would be one fabulous Tangerine Tango (spring’s 2012 color) dream. And we’re all too happy to oblige. So, in celebration, we’ve declared this week Pantone Week at Fashion Trends Daily, with a new Pantone story coming out to color our site each day this week.

We’re kicking it off with a look at the myriad products that have sprung up recently brandishing not only Pantone-created colors, but the look of the company’s famous color chips. They’ve teamed with everyone from retailers such as the  Gap for holiday pop-up shops to Sephora, which has just launched a line of Pantone-inspired cosmetics. The world of Pantone has exploded to include mugs and espresso sets, messenger bags, notebooks and more.

Click through our slideshow for some of our favorite picks from the company’s colorful world. At stores such as Urban Outfitters, West Elm and more, you’ll be able to find everything from toothbrushes to dinnerware. And if you really want to ride a rainbow of fun, go to the Pantone Universe Web site. Of course, you can find paint pulled from their famed colors, but we like more obscure options such as posters of paint chips and cufflinks from British jeweler Sonia Spencer.

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And there’s no better way to spread the Pantone love than to send them a Pantone postcard. Available at Urban Outfitters, the set of 100 cards have a color to suit every whim. The downfall is that like a mixed box of chocolates, there will always be a leftover batch of uninspiring colors. We say, just save those to send in with your bills.

We also like the paint-chip inspired blank cards that come with 10 different colors. And though we’re not proponents of hoarding, we could make an exception and start squirreling away these chic babies.

Dessy Pantone Styleboard

Dessy Pantone Styleboard

And if there’s any reason to get in on Pantone fever, it’s because there’s nothing worse than clashing colors at a wedding. Pantone is making it easy to coordinate your nuptials and to share your wedding ideas through online Styleboards with The Dessy Group, one of the top manufacturers of bridal and social occasion dresses.

The best part is that through Pantone Wedding features on the Web site, brides-to-be can now painstakingly color match every detail down to their spanx (well, almost) in Pantone colors. (Just think: The choice for that “something” blue is endless!)  Send the whole bridal party a printed Pantone Wedding bridesmaid’s card and they’ll get a link to your Styleboard so you can all speak the same color language — whether you want them to simply add to your inspirations or to make sure that no one accidentally strays to the wrong hue and buys something in, heaven forbid, Seaside, when it should be Mosaic!

Whether you want to indulge your inner bridezilla or just jot your notes down in a fun notebook, the Pantone Universe is full of bright ideas to color your world!


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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.