DIY Has Never Been This Easy: Our Favorite Pins & Patches

DIY fashion is great. We’re into it. But when it boils down to those trips to Jo-Ann’s and actually sitting down at a sewing machine, it’s easier said than done. We’ll leave the heavy lifting to the pros on Project Runway, because the latest DIY trend is super-easy and makes a big impact. Snag one of these pins or patches and all you need to do is fire up the iron. In the case of the pins, you won’t even have to do that to add a little bit of flair to your denim jacket, that go-to canvas tote and more. And while we’re a proponent of Coco Chanel’s take-one-thing-off rule, when it comes to these little colorful bits and bobs, we say the more, the merrier.

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Images courtesy Nordstrom, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, and JCPenney

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Author:Fashion Trends Daily Staff

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