Pocketflops’ Perfection Is In The Bag

And today’s ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ award goes to…Pocketflops by Floc Designs. These folding pocket flip-flops made from partially recycled tire rubber fit into a cute 7-by-6-inch organic cotton bag that tucks neatly into your handbag. And they fold downward so dirty soles never soil the inside of their nifty little carrying pouch.

Fashion Trends Daily uncovered them and their 25-year-old creator, Maria Pantazes, in Orange County at the Lab’s summer sidewalk sale. These genius little numbers bend at a cut in the middle and at first glance look like they may possibly snap in two. But fear not. They pull themselves together perfectly when you slip them on — sans any annoying flip-flop sound effects. They may even save your life post party when those ultra sexy Very Privé Loubies have turned one’s feet into not-so-very-pre-tay prehensile bird toes. (All worth it, for sure.) Of course, they are also perfect for throwing into your bag for impromptu mani/pedi missions. Or simply wear them on their own with no expectations at all.

We were in love with the black-and-white designs, but apparently so was everyone else. They are the L.A.-based company’s number-one seller, said Pantazes. We settled for the pink instead, but are now so nuts over their portability that we’d wear just about any color. And for $22, we just might go back for one in each hue. Check them out at www.pocketflops.com

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Author:Fashion Trends Daily Contributor