Rado Releases a Tech Watch Just for Women

Rado Ensenza Ceramic Touch

Rado Ensenza Ceramic Touch watch

Wearable tech has had a few hiccups. From the much-maligned original design of Google Glass (not-so chic) to the FitBit Force which recently took heat, so to speak, for giving wearers a rash. But when a brand like Rado gets in on the action, we get excited. We have been waiting for more brands to marry sleek design to wearable tech and perhaps even put form as high on the priority list as function. Enter the Rado Ensenza Ceramic Touch watch, a ladies-only style that marries wearable tech with, dare we say it, style.

The watch, which is definitely in keeping with the Swiss brand’s minimal aesthetic, contains four electrodes that are connected to the movement of the watch along with two tiny microchips that are the brainpower behind all the magic. Together, the technology works to eliminate the chunky crown that’s usually associated with watches and lets you set the time with just a sweep of your finger. Backwards or forward, all it takes is a quick swipe around the face of the watch and you’ve literally got time at your fingertips. The watch doesn’t track calories, make phone calls, send text messages or make microwave popcorn, but you’ve got your phone for all that.

The all-ceramic watch is, however, a godsend for busy gals and world travelers, since it’s lightweight, completely resistant to scratches and can breeze right through airport security without being taken off. The TSA might just be as impressed with your watch as they are with your pre-planning when the Ensenza goes through the metal detector with nary a sound. Available in classic black and summer-ready white (and a multitude of different strap options), Rado might just be turning the world on to wearable tech.

See the watch in action in Rado’s video below:

Images courtesy Rado

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.