SF-Based Vida Connects Art, Fashion and Commerce

Vida Scarves

Vida Scarves

The fashion world is obsessed with art. See, for example, how street style photogs flock to Art Basel and how designers are constantly referencing artists (Warhol, etc.) as inspiration for their collections. But San Francisco startup Vida is combining the two in a new way: the brand is giving artists the chance to create scarves and more and sell them directly to consumers.

And while yes, it’s not as if you’ll be getting a Picasso, Vida’s strategy is to offer up a way to bring together artists, shoppers and designers with technology. The brand’s website launches today, giving shoppers a peek at just what’s in store for the brand, which is currently offering scarves in both modal and a cashmere modal blend as well as silk and a few clothing items.

The scarves are created when artists (they can be painters, photographers, designers — anything) send in digital files, which get printed onto each item and sold online. Scarves range from $40-95, and each designer will receive 10% of each sale. And the pieces aren’t your run of the mill crafter’s fare. Digital prints go from edge to edge, creating pieces that are crisp, clean and professional looking, just as you’d expect from say, a department store or boutique buy. The brand hopes to expand into more clothing as it grows, but for now, they’re focusing on scarves and silk pieces such as sleeveless tops and t-shirts.

There are already 200 artists signed on for the initial launch of Vida. The technology and transparent commerce that Vida is using offers up a new way to support local artists — as well as artists from around the world — and add a little bit of color and fun to your wardrobe now that temps are dropping. 

For more information, visit www.shopvida.com.

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