Hot Hot Hot: Celebrate L.A.’s Sriracha With These Spicy Picks

L.A.’s Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha sauce is becoming just as common as Heinz ketchup. Whether you frequent pho restaurants, K-town BBQ joints or even all-American burger spots, there’s bound to be a bottle of the fiery stuff on your table. It’s become so much of a hot commodity, in fact, that visitors can tour the Irwindale factory and pick up Sriracha knickknacks — and bottles of the sauce, of course. Well, we’ve gathered together a slew of gifts that any fan will love, from a cookbook to get the most out of the sauce to a few ways to show your Sriracha devotion everywhere you go.

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Clockwise from top left: Sriracha Mini Hot Sauce Key Chain ($6.89), Sriracha Recipe Playing Cards ($8.99), Mighty Wallet Sriracha Bifold Wallet ($15), King Ice 14K Gold Sriracha Bottle Necklace ($80), The Sriracha Cookbook ($35.88), Gamago Sippy Cup ($9.99)

Images courtesy Amazon, Tillys, Nordstrom, Karma Loop and World Market

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