Hydrate in Style with our Favorite Water Bottles

There was a time when a water bottle was just a water bottle. THIS is NOT that time.

The once humble water bottle has become a bona fide style statement and style star, with water bottle brands such as S’well sending normally sane women into a frenzy over its chic, collectible and eco-friendly designs. But let us not forget why we need one, apart from looking cute. Water is essential.  You can slather on all the sunblock in the world and buy THE most expensive creams, but if you don’t get enough H2O, you’ll still be doing yourself a disservice. The good news: A recently released study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention seems to debunk the longheld view that Americans aren’t drinking enough water. The data found that women take in an average of 93 ounces of water, almost 12 cups daily. And that’s two ounces more  than the recommended 91 ounces set by the institute of medicine in 2004.

Couple that with the growing desire to lead greener and more eco-friendly lives with a lighter footprint and we think that makes it the perfect time to ditch the single-use water bottles and get a chic option you’ll be proud to use — and reuse. We’ve picked a few of our favorites, which run the gamut from simple and sleek to bold and bright. Toss one in your beach bag, keep one in your work tote and definitely keep one in the car, because with these chic bottles, you have no excuse to not stay hydrated.

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Images courtesy Backcountry, Target and Nordstrom

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Author:Fashion Trends Daily Staff

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