A No-Brainer Trend: Zombies Take Over 2011

Just when you thought the supernatural trend was about to wane and the battle between vampires and werewolves had come to a cease-fire, another challenger enters the ring: zombies. While this trend has been slowly gaining momentum (they don’t move very fast, after all), shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead paired with fashion’s obsession for the macabre is bringing this undead trend to life.

But for the fashion set, there’s one design duo that’s embraced the unearthed look more than any other: Rodarte. The wickedly talented sisters are inspired by things that go bump in the night, from slasher films to ghost towns. And judging from the results of their ghastly fascination, they’ve built a following for pieces with a touch of zombie chic. From T-shirts for chic shop Opening Ceremony to their runway collection’s heels (crafted by master cobbler Nicholas Kirkwood), they’re bringing the undead to life.

John Galliano (who will have to figure out how to raise his own career back from the dead) has sent zombielike girls down the runway a few times. With everything from sunken eyes to a less-than-radiant pallor, the models at his shows have run the gamut from freshly exhumed to zombie on the prowl.

While the walking dead aren’t known for their grooming habits, there’s something perfectly gruesome about this season’s crackle nail trend that we think might just capture a zombie’s attention (and give you enough time to escape)! Shattered and shocking, there’s nothing precious about this punk-tinged look. What’s scarier than someone coming at you with a handful of otherworldly talons?

Don’t think that girls are having all the fun though. Men are craving brains, too. We’re seeing the look infect menswear design, from McQueen to Gareth Pugh. Our advice? While 2011 might be the year of the zombie, we’re thinking only seasoned professionals could dress like an undead brain-muncher. Or the King of Pop himself–the original arbiter of zombie chic. Now if only we could raise him from the dead, wouldn’t that be a thriller?!

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.