DKNY Debuts Ramadan Collection

DKNY Ramadan Collection

DKNY Ramadan Collection

Last Saturday, Muslims around the world started their yearly fast for Ramadan, a monthlong tradition that’s meant to give practitioners time to reflect on their religion. To celebrate the holy month, New York-based DKNY has released its very first regional collection. The DKNY Ramadan Collection is one more way the brand is expanding into the Middle East. Recently, DKNY has pushed its new dedicated Middle East website in the region and also opened a slew of new stores in the area, making it one of the first contemporary fashion brands building a strong presence in the Middle East.

The  DKNY Ramadan collection adheres to the rules of Shariah Law, which means that’s full of long hemlines and has plenty of sleeves, though there are a few pieces that show a little bit more skin. Recently at the Chanel Cruise show, which was staged in Dubai, also drew the attention of the Islamic community when Karl Lagerfeld stated that the entire collection adhered to the intricacies of Shariah Law, which outlines proper behavior and dress under the Muslim religion.

And just because the the DKNY Ramadan Collection follows strict rules doesn’t mean its playful. There are bold prints, on-trend silhouettes (a great jumpsuit is in the mix, as well as high-low hems for bottoms and tops alike) and deep saturated colors such as bright saffrons and inky navies. There’s a focus on separates as well, so while maxi-length gown may be appropriate for after-sundown celebrations, daytime activities might call for a draped leather open cardigan or printed track pants.

DKNY Ramadan Collection

DKNY Ramadan Collection

The collection is fronted by (and was styled by) Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara al Gabbani, a pair of Middle Eastern fashion influencers. Golsharifi is a fashion editor based in L.A. as wel as Kuwait and Iran and al Gabbani is based in Dubai as a designer and TV presenter.

DKNY’s release of the collection coincides with what a few retailers (mainly based in the UK) called the Ramadan Rush. Before the holy month, many wealthy Middle Easterners flock to the world’s shopping capitals, including London and Paris, to snag the latest releases from big name designers to wear during Ramadan. And because not everyone’s jet-set, it’s only natural for DKNY to release the limited edition collection in its Middle Eastern stores (there are DKNY locations in eight of the region’s countries) so that it’s available to shoppers looking to get festive with a few new pieces.

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