Collars Add a Chic, Fresh Touch For Spring

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In sharp contrast to the vampy cut-down-to-there gowns that wow the crowd at many a runway show, one trend we spied was less overtly sexy but tinged with a little subversive smirk: collars. They first started showing up this fall, and are still going strong on everything from day dresses to gowns. Why are women’s designers borrowing from the boys? We think it’s a quick way to make a big statement without shouting out loud from your bosom. After all, what’s wrong with bringing a little attention to the face for a change?

Designers from both sides of the Atlantic were inspired to add a jaunty collar to their dresses, both for day and for night. At Matthew Williamson and L’Wrenn Scott, gowns were given a cheeky, casual twist with petite collars (Jonathan Saunders did his in a contrasting color whereas Scott used the same black satin as the gown itself) and both designers played with layers of sheer fabric in their creations. Victoria Victoria Beckham (Posh’s lower-priced line of dresses) and Saunders’ dresses were given a traditional contrast collar reminiscent of a man’s banker shirt. For a fun twist on the emerging trend, dresses at Milly by Michelle Smith had rounded contrasting collars in bright, neon tech-fabrics and at the Red Valentino presentation, a sweet party-ready tea dress in black lace got the chic addition of a circular candy pink collar accented with a bow.

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Author:Fashion Trends Daily Staff

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