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Your slip dresses are probably sitting pretty in your lingerie drawer, waiting for sundown and the comfort of your feather bed, but thanks to designers such as Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior, slips are seeing the light of day. The look was a staple in the ’90s, championed by the likes of Courtney Love, Madonna and Liv Tyler, who all brought lingerie out of the dark confines of the boudoir and into the mainstream. If you’ve thought about trying out the look for yourself but feel a bit too exposed, we’ve got tips from Stephanie Chen, the New York-based designer of lingerie line Sapphire Bliss, on how to go grunge without looking like you’re about to start your nighttime skincare routine.

Sapphire Bliss' Stephanie Chen

Sapphire Bliss’ Stephanie Chen

“Every slip is designed with luxury, versatility multi-functionality and comfort in mind,” says Chen of the Sapphire Bliss collection. 

It’s not as easy as slipping into your silky slips and heading out the door. For a fashion forward take on the trend, it’s important to add a slip into other pieces of your wardrobe. Think of the slip the same way you’d treat a silky tank or silk blouse.

“The trick is to wear your slips under the rugged pieces from your closet, think hard meets soft, boy meets girl,” adds Chen, who often wears her own pieces layered with denim, leggings and motorcycle boots. “Also, layer over super skinny distressed jeans for the off duty model look. Avoid dressy or satin shoes! Stay under dressed instead of over dressed.”

Chen started her line of lingerie after working at several contemporary fashion labels in New York (she graduated from Parsons School of Design). Sapphire Bliss has expanded from American made lingerie to include swimwear and more. Chen’s unique take on lingerie combines tailored details with feminine touches and sexy femininity — it’s the exact combination that you’re looking for if you want to wear a slip during the day.

Sapphire Bliss' Anja L'amour slip

Sapphire Bliss’ Anja L’amour slip

“Sapphire Bliss is crafted by fusing my contemporary tailoring background with a passion for sexy and elegant lingerie,” says Chen. “The result is a fresh and feminine collection of intimates that work effortlessly for a sexy night at the bedroom, or for a night out with friends.”

Try wearing your favorite slips with denim or a flannel shirt for a real ’90s throwback, but if you’re more about modern styling than throwbacks, one of piece that’s sure to catch the attention of the street style set is a slip with an army jacket and boots. Balancing the femininity of the lingerie with tailored pieces and masculine staples is a great way to look like you’ve put some serious thought into your outfit and not like you’re just taking the morning after walk of shame.

And while it may be a trend this season, Chen insists that there’s plenty of fashion in the design of her lingerie — so feel free to keep your underpinnings in your wardrobe rotation long after this ’90s revival has come and gone.

“We are spoiled with waves of fashion trends seasonally and we can be easily distracted,” says Chen. “Sapphire Bliss is deeply rooted by the essence of timeless elegance, luxury, sensuality, functionality and comfort. We watch fashion trends closely with a pair of Sapphire Bliss tinted glasses.”

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.