Monday Muse: Libertine’s Pretty Punk Fantasia

Libertine spring 2018

Libertine spring 2018

There are brands that sway to the whims of fashion trends and there are labels that stay their own course, ignoring the ebb and flow of more is more, less is more, glitter, and shine. Libertine’s set itself from the crowd by staying its own course, with its over-the-top detailing, pretty punk embroidery, and mishmashed pieces and prints. All of the brand’s calling cards happen to be meshing well with fashion’s current state of maximalism, so Justin Hartig’s spring 2018 collection seemed to be of particular interest to critics and shoppers alike.

“Our philosophy doesn’t change much from season to season,” Hartig told Vogue. “We’re about pushing rules, expanding ourselves, expanding our collection.”

As per usual, anyone looking for a sense of rhyme or reason to the images slapped onto tailored jackets, secretarial dresses (pussy bows included), and elevated hosiery (read: leggings) won’t find any. The pugs and Pomeranians cuddled up to skulls and other ephemera for a chaotic mix that’s sure to draw street style stars and anyone looking to find a one-of-a-kind print among the Guccification of fast fashion.

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Libertine spring 2018Libertine spring 2018

Libertine spring 2018

“We’ve been doing embellishment since we started; we’ll never stop,” Hartig added. The words “Villefranche-sur-Mer” appeared on a few pieces, too, a nod to Jean Cocteau’s Chapelle de St. Pierre.

Another trend that Libertine embraced long before it became de rigueur? Showing menswear and women’s options all on the same runway. It’s been the brand’s M.O. for years now, and Hartig continued showing the suiting — done up with the same prints, of course — as well as the requisite swim brief. This time, the cheeky piece came with a strategically placed Warhol banana. Shoppers won’t shy away from the Pop Art roses that appeared on dresses, a new focus for Libertine, since shoppers told Hartig that they’re looking for statement-making dresses and their one-piece ease. Forget about the pendulum of fashion trends for a second and take the collection for what it is: A celebration of Hartig’s vision and a very fun way to get dressed. Nobody said fashion had to be serious and that’s the vein that’s run through this label from the very beginning.

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