LOFT’s L.A. Spring Pop-up Portends Brand’s Bright Future

Acouple of years ago on an early fall night in L.A. I was at Chateau Marmont in a Peony-filled suite celebrating the relaunch of LOFT, ANN Inc.’s re-tooled retail concept. It had gone through many incarnations over the years, suffered an identity crisis and was making a bold move to re-establish itself. The brand had tapped a crop of influential Hollywood stylists and filled the Chateau suite with a bevvy of L.A.’s bright, young things, including Kristen Bell and Emmanuelle Chriqui. While the clothes showcased that night were on-trend, fun and promising, one always waits with baited breath to see how things will shake out after the glitzy launch.

Well, I’m here to tell you, folks, “LOFT is in it to win it!” — If I may borrow a bit from Randy Jackson’s oft-repeated Idol exclamation.

Katrina Bowden And Nicole Chavez Celebrate The LOFT Pop-Up On Robertson Blvd

The retailer’s recently opened pop-up store on L.A.’s trendy Robertson boulevard took the brand’s evolution to the next level and could be retail gold if LOFT continues to look this fresh.

What’s working? For starters, LOFT got this spring’s color story perfectly: sorbet-hues, neon brights, graphic black-and-white. They delivered it in well-constructed blazers, silky blouses, cute patterned shorts and pants, colored denim and more. And kudos to the design team for delivering great fit that was neither itty bitty nor missy sized. And did we mention that nothing in the pop-up store was over $100?

I fell in love with a neon pink blazer that has rather quickly become my new spring staple and my pick for standout spring item. (Full disclosure: I did agree to pose in my new favorite look for a LOFT social media campaign to celebrate the pop-up.) Every time I put it on, I channel a little Vreeland and declare to myself in her words that “Pink is the navy blue of India.” Well, at the least it’s the navy blue of my closet.

Loft pic w quote

I promise you that I have not been blinded by my hot pink blazer. My enthusiasm for LOFT is both a visceral reaction to the clothes themselves and one born out of a bit of experience. After several years covering retail at WWD and going through the process of opening and then later closing my own retail concept in L.A., I can smell these things now. I know when it’s fresh, and I can tell you when things have gone rancid. And LOFT is smelling sweet right now.

Hollywood stylist Nicole Chavez, who has been a LOFT brand ambassador since its relaunch in 2010, is enthusiastic about the brand as well and has also been working it into the wardrobes of her celebrity clientele.

Katrina Bowden And Nicole Chavez Celebrate The LOFT Pop-Up On Robertson Blvd

Katrina Bowden And Nicole Chavez Celebrate The LOFT Pop-Up On Robertson Blvd

“I love the brand. I find that it’s so easy, approachable and easy to mix the high and low, which is what I’m all about,” said Chavez at a party to fete the Robertson pop-up. “It’s style that is versatile, you can mix and match everything and so affordable. There’s a lot of key pieces that I put into my faves like the boyfriend jeans, the blazers, statement accessories, and the bright-colored sunnies.”

The editors, stylists, bloggers and celebs who attended must have been in agreement because there was much shopping taking place, which is not something I see as much anymore at retail events. Most people these days come for cocktails and a few air kisses. This alone is a great barometer for LOFT and a reminder to keep going in this direction. I, of course, wore my pink blazer to the party and am happy to say that the store sold through quite a few that evening, and a friend of mine called me the next day to say that she ran in to a store to grab one after she saw mine.

I’m available, LOFT, if you want to add another brand ambassador to the mix. But, in the meantime, I better grab this jacket in another color before I wear it out!

The Loft Robertson Pop-up is located at 100 S. Robertson Boulevard.
Find my hot pink blazer and more at


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