Mixing Up Cocktail Attire with Adela Mei’s Sasha Moyer

It’s that time of year again: the holiday party invites are rolling in. But what’s not coming along with them? Inspiration on just what to wear to those after-work cocktail parties, nights out with your girlfriends or those family get togethers that fill your iCal between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So to demystify cocktail dressing and to get some style inspiration, we turned to Sasha Moyer, the co-founder of Adela Mei, a petite-focused e-commerce website that brings together clothes that work and play.

Whether you’re looking to update an old favorite or to find something to really steal the spotlight, this holiday its all about modern shapes and a new, sophisticated take on holiday dressing.

FTD: Every girls has that go-to LBD. How can you mix it up a little and make that old standby look fresh?

SM: The great thing about the go-to LBD is it’s actually really easy to transform your look and wear it over and over again. It’s all about shoes and accessories. First things first: shoes. If you want to jazz up your LBD, a new pair of shoes will immediately transform your outfit. Don’t stick with the basics – have fun with it! Gold platforms, shoes with feathers, ridiculously strappy and fancy? All are fair game.

FTD: So starting from the bottom up, what else can we do to add pizazz?

SM: Switching up your jewelry is an easy way to update your look. Did you wear a bejeweled statement necklace last year? Minimalist necklaces are everywhere and will give you a sleek, modern aesthetic. Same thing with your clutch or purse, a decadent update from the season prior will ensure your look is fresh and fashionable.

Lastly, another way to update your LBD is to actually update your personal look. If you normally wear your hair down, put it up. Try a pop of bright lipstick, or a sultry smoky eye. All in all, people will notice the changes and the updates, not the fact that you’re wearing last year’s dress.

FTD: If we’re looking to add something new, what’s an alternative to the LBD or to a dresses altogether?

SM: It used to be that the rules for cocktail attire were very strict, but nowadays it’s a veritable free for all. The only requirement is it has to be dressy – but it doesn’t have to be a dress. Mix and match skirts, pants and tops. A shimmery midi skirt paired with a structured top, or even a sweater and heels is elegant and unique. A pair of wide leg pants in silk paired with a slinky top and tuxedo blazer is masculine and incredibly chic.

FTD: What if you really want to get noticed?

SM: Another option is a jumpsuit or romper done in a decadent material like drapey silk or structured lace. The look is very 70s chic with a modern twist,and definitely cocktail party friendly.

FTD: If a shopper was looking for just one new item to add for the upcoming party season, what would you recommend?

SM: This season, we’re all about the midi length, so we’d update with either a midi skirt or dress. The length is actually incredibly flattering once you find the right silhouette to match your body shape. One of the easiest ones to wear is the full skirt, which suits pretty much everyone, is surprisingly comfortable and easy to mix and match to wear all season. It’s a fresh aesthetic for all the holiday parties you’ll be attending.

For more information and to shop the looks, visit www.adelamei.com.

Images courtesy Adela Mei

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.