Monday Muse: Pam & Gela Spin Streetwear Into The Sweatsuit

Pam & Gela fall 2018

Pam & Gela fall 2018

Energy was high in the new Pam & Gela collection. While brands have been dipping their toes into athleisure, P&G have built not one, but two brands on the idea that lounging and leaving the house don’t need two different wardrobes. For fall 2018, the designing duo kept on with the tried and true, but instead of the pastels and Technicolor hues that fans of Juicy Couture 1.0 and P&G are accustomed to, the women shot bold, bright color into the collection and added a slew of streetwear elements that gave this outing an urban edge.

“With the current climate in fashion of anything goes, we can’t help but see our fingerprints,” designers Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor told Vogue.

To add even more visual impact, the two rendered tracksuits in deep olive camouflage and the same pattern in a bold burgundy. It could have leaned boy band, but instead, the addition of graphic text—”femme,” which was pulled from signs seen at the Women’s March—lent a more street feel. Another print, tartan rendered in multiple sizes, added another layer of visual impact, making for a lush collection that’ll have plenty of girls salivating. Matching zip-ups and pants were available in stretchy scuba fabric and more traditional athletic fare, but it was the combo of sporty and glam that made the collection a standout.

Pam & Gela fall 2018

Pam & Gela fall 2018

Faux-fur leopard jackets and metallic cocktail dresses may not seem to fit in a collection of urban streetwear, but P&G has always been a brand marked by quirk and contrast. Why not toss a fur coat over a tracksuit? Why don’t more women wear zip-up hoodies over their metallic frocks? What works so well for Pam & Gela is its fearless approach to style. Other brand are banking on the same magpie attitude, but let’s all take a moment to remember that Pam & Gela did it first.

The lookbook concludes with an all-pink outfit that’ll leave everyone waxing nostalgic. A matching velour set gets finished with a monochromatic fur coat. If that’s not aughts style at its best—a combination of Rachel Zoe’s glambots and the best of Juicy Couture—nothing is.

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Author:Christopher Luu

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