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On the Dot: Our Favorite Polka Dot Picks for Big Graphic Impact

Circle, circle, dot, dot, summer’s graphic trends is white hot.

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Longhorn Cardboard Safari

Cheap Thrills: Christopher Luu’s Animal-Friendly Taxidermy

There’s no harm done with Cardboard Safari’s take on traditional taxidermy.

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Essie Color Boutique Vending Machine

Essie To Launch Vending Machines at Airports and Malls

The nail polish giant joins Benefit and Sephora in the beauty vending machine game.

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The Best Denim Jackets for Under $80

Don’t be blue — because we’ve got great denim jackets that perfectly pair with any of your summer staples.

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Cheap Thrills: Michelle Dalton Tyree Picks the Palm Cuff

The first in our new weekly series, Cheap Thrills brings our editors’ under $100 picks for you to upgrade the pieces you already love to wear.

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Crossroads Trading Company Introduces Selling by Mail

It’s as easy as mailing in your gently used clothes.

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We’ve Got the Blues: Our Favorite Chambray Shirts for Under $80

Can’t borrow one from the boys in your life? Don’t worry, because one of menswear’s favorite fabrics is girl-friendly, too.

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Save Steal Splurge: The V-Neck T-Shirt

Back to basic? We’ve got great picks that’ll give you a dose of California cool.

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face polish

Get it Now: Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Be a smooth operator with this strawberry seed and sugar facial scrub.

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HD Buttercup is Coming to Orange County

The design mecca is headed south.

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