Backstage Beauty: Thakoon Goes Gauguin

Thakoon Spring 2015

Thakoon Spring 2015

Thakoon’s collections are known for being cool, modern and completely covetable, but this season, he’s pulling inspiration from artist Paul Gauguin as well as his usual downtown girl. So naturally, the beauty look was something that had to be effortless, easy and most of all: cool. The result? A glossy, understated look that brought modern nymphs to the runway.

“The inspiration for the collection is the artist, Paul Gauguin,” said Diane Kendal, NARS artist. “Thakoon wanted the girls to appear as if they were coming out of water, so the beauty look is all about the gloss on the eyelid and brushed up into the brow. Less is more.”

We’ve been seeing a lot of glossy eyes on the runway, but it’s a hard look to translate to real-life wear. Kendal and the Nars team used the brand’s translucent Triple X Lip Gloss from the last line up to the lid, giving a gloss and shine that looked like seawater sheeting off of lids. To get something more wearable, go for a neutral eyeshadow with just a hint of sparkle. It’ll last longer and won’t be as messy as a gloss on your lids. The Nars team finished the beauty look with plenty of illumination courtesy Orgasm Illuminator, South Beach Multiple and a new product, the Dual-Intensity Blush, set to debut next spring.

And while they might look bare, Kendal and her team did use color on the lips — only it’s not what you might think. To get that matte but not flat look, she dusted a bit of that same Dual-Intensity Blush on the lips (for now, try the Copacabana Multiple).

Images courtesy NARS

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