Beauty Treatment Trend: Luxe Spas Make You the Mixologist

L’Apothecary at L'Auberge Sedona

L’Apothecary at L’Auberge de Sedona

We’ve never had a problem pampering ourselves. And some of our most memorable travel moments have been at spas that incorporated indigenous treatments, ingredients or both. There was the Four Seasons Chiang Mai Rice and Spice scrub or the healing waters of a Japanese hot spring dip. But now we’re seeing a new trend at luxury hotel spas: Scent bars that let you play and mix your own scrubs and oils. Can’t stand lavender? No worries. Why not get a little more adventurous and try the scent of piñon oil mixed into a local clay. You can do that at more at resorts such as L’Auberge de Sedona in Sedona, Ariz. Would we call it a “scentsation?” OK, maybe not quite, but we definitely smell a burgeoning beauty trend. And we’re certainly willing to roll up the sleeves of our spa robe and get mixing for any of the yummy treatments at these top luxury spas. Check out some of our top picks and if you’ve tried any yourself, let us know what you think! 

L’Apothecary at L’Auberge de Sedona

The luxe Arizona resort has just opened L’Apothecary, a serene area within the quiet and tranquil retreat that allows spa guests to play mad scientist with a bevy of ingredients sourced from around the resort. Feel free to go wild mixing your own bath salts, body scrubs, scented oils and detox masques using herbs such as rosemary, juniper and piñon pine along with local clay. Seem a little overwhelming? The staff is more than happy to help you find the perfect mix of calming and revitalizing ingredients to have you glowing.

The Laniwai Spa at Disney’s Aulani Resort

With a menu boasting over 150 different spa therapies, the choices at Laniwai Spa, which is tucked inside Disney’s Aulani Resort, can seem a bit overwhelming. But inside, you’ll find an outdoor station that you can visit before or after your treatments  to create your own body scrubs. (We recommend the traditional Hawaiian Lomilomi massage in one of the spa’s private rainwater suites, because when in Rome …) You’re encouraged to mix your own for a body treatment and take an extra with you to use back in your hotel suite or back at home to bring your right back to the magic of the islands.

Chill Spa at Hotel Terra in Jackson Hole

The Blend Bar at the Hotel Terra’s Chill Spa lets spa visitors choose their own scent adventure. Visitors can choose from a buffet of ten different serene scents that will accompany them throughout their treatments. Guests can also take home customized whipped body crèmes, sugar scrubs or salt scrubs as a souvenir. Scents include Bamboo Teak, a favorite among male clients, soothing Green Tea and Lemongrass and fresh Juicy Pink Grapefruit. Whichever you choose, it’s sure to remind you of the hotel’s signature body treatments.

For more information, visit the L’Auberge de Sedona web site, the Aulani Resort web site or the Hotel Terra web site.

Images courtesy Aulani and the L’Auberge de Sedona

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