Get it Now: Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Skincare Collection

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Skincare Collection

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Skincare Collection

If you’re anything like us, summertime means oily skin, shiny-before-breakfast greasiness and blotting — lots of blotting. Well, it may be counterintuitive, but like so many beauty-related revelations, your Exxon Valdez complexion might be due to dehydrated skin. Say what? Yes, your oil glands could be working overtime to compensate for dry skin caused by too much sun, too many chilled pinot grigios and your lightweight moisturizer. Enter the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Skincare Collection ($28-62), a new collection of creams, tonics and gels that’ll instantly quench your skin and get you glowing — not greasy.

“The question I’m most often asked is how to get healthy, glowing skin. The secret to achieving this is both how you take care of yourself and what you put on your face,” says Bobbi Brown. “Our products are designed to replenish skin with immediate hydration and nutrients — exactly what it needs to look fresher, smoother, and healthier. They’re also the perfect start before any makeup.”

The new collection is packed with everything you need to get even the driest skin looking its best. And there’s something for everyone, since there are plenty of textures on offer. For those who just can’t handle rich lotions and creams, Brown has the Hydrating Gel Cream ($56) which locks in moisture without feeling occlusive and protects from environmental toxins. For the driest skin, there’s the ultra heavy Hydrating Intense Night Cream ($62). True to its name, this is a luxe cream that’s super-concentrated and works overnight to repair and replenish skin. Everyone will appreciate the Hydrating Eye Cream ($50) and Hydrating Tonic ($27), which work together to keep your skin plump and supple. So while we can’t recommend tossing back those pinots all summer, we can say without a doubt that Bobbi has you covered with this new regimen of products. And we’ll drink to that.

Available at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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