Cheers! Lydia Mondavi’s Grape-Infused Beauty Line Comes to Target

Lydia Mondavi

Lydia Mondavi

If you think that a certain French beauty line is the only way you can get the benefits of grapes and grape seeds into your beauty routine, think again. 29 by Lydia Mondavi Napa Valley, yes, that Mondavi, is bringing grape-infused skincare to Target stores nationwide as part of the store’s efforts to reinvigorate its beauty aisles. If you’re a regular at Neiman Marcus, you’ll recognize the 29 label at the cosmetics counter, but the new collection is a 12 piece exclusive skincare line that you’ll only find at Target. It’s high/low beauty at its best.

Curious as to how a luxury brand such as 29 Cosmetics gets a call from a mass retailer like Target? Lydia Mondavi explains that it wasn’t as random as you’d think. Those familiar with Target’s frequent (maybe too frequent) collabs will remember that the store teamed with Aspen-based Cos Bar a few years ago. It just so happens that Cos Bar carries 29 Cosmetics, and the owners recommended Mondavi to the big box retailer.

“We have a whole new collection, 29 By Lydia Mondavi Napa Valley, 12 new exclusive products developed for Target,” Lydia said. Just like the main 29 Cosmetics range, all of the skincare is organic, paraben-free, sulfite-free, sodium laurel sulfite-free and alcohol-free.

29 by Lydia Mondavi Napa Valley joins Target’s efforts to add a little bit of luxe to the store’s shelves. She joins the ranks of French pharmacy line La Roche-Posay and Korean brand Laneige, but her line of wine country beauty products stands on its own.

29 by Lydia Mondavi

29 by Lydia Mondavi Napa Valley

Both the 29 by Lydia Mondavi Napa Valley line and the 29 Cosmetics range use grapes harvested from the Mondavi vineyards in Napa Valley. The grape and grape seed extracts are known for their ability to protect skin from free radicals and pollutants as well as giving skin a dose of nutritious antioxidants and more. And for those who are curious 29 takes its name from the highway that runs the length of Napa Valley. You’ll still be able to find the 29 Cosmetics color at Neiman Marcus and Cos Bar, but you’ll find two of the line’s best sellers, the Lip Scrub and Wine Blot, lip balm, at Target, too. Those products join face masks, creams, sunscreens and body scrubs so that you can add a bit of the Napa Valley — and a lot of skin-loving antioxidants — to your everyday beauty regimen without having to make a stop at the department store. But if you want some liquid Mondavi goods, a trip to Napa is definitely in order.

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