Yes! You DO Need Colored Mascara. Here’s Why…

Colored mascara inspiration

Colored mascara inspiration

Are you bored of your beauty options? Is the whole idea of strobing, highlighting, contouring and even tantouring just too much? Well, if you’ve reached a beauty fatigue, we don’t blame you. With so many summer releases out and the sweltering heat waves basically melting our faces off every time we step outside for our iced lattes, it’s no surprise that you’ve basically pared down your routine to something akin to tinted moisturizer an and a swipe of mascara. While you can tell naysayers that you’re just channeling French girl beauty, it might be time to inject your beauty arsenal with something quick, easy, and full of impact. Our trick? Colored mascara.

Hear us out. Yeah, it’s something that the tweens in your life are into, but we’re not recommending you go full Justice-shopper and slap on gobs of hot-pink mascara. Instead consider a few of the looks we’ve culled from Nordstrom’s latest beauty catalog. They’re chic, fun, and in some cases, nothing more than a little bit of a product swap. So, if your tube of mascara is a little dry, why not opt for something with a little bit more pizzazz?

Here are a few tips for choosing a colored mascara that’s right for you, plus a whole lot of inspiration if you’re looking to up your lash game:


Double Up

Accentuate the color of the mascara with an eyeliner that’s a shade darker than the mascara. If you’re going for blue lashes, make them sand out with a swipe of navy liner.


Color Theory

Play with the color of your own eyes. Purple mascara flatters brown and green eyes. Blue intensifies the blues in those with lighter eyes. Green looks great with hazel.


Pro Tip

For more intensity, try applying the color over your go-to black mascara — but just on the tips of your lashes. It’s subtle, but still makes a huge impact.


Walk The Line

You can wear colored mascaras alone, but they play well with a whole slew of eye looks. Try a bright shade with a bold graphic liner or shadow. But know when enough is enough, too. Maybe don’t go for a full-on colored smoky eye with a Technicolor lash.


Shine Bright

Not hot on a bold color? Why not try something with shimmer and shine? A metallic mascara can make for a sparkling night-out look. Plus, you can skip shadow altogether if your lashes are bold and bright.


Top To Bottom

Can’t get enough of colored mascara? For a one-of-a-kind look, you can mix two shades together or wear one color on your top lashline and a different hue on the bottom.


Be Choosy

For a look that’s more toned down, try a darker color, like navy, purple or green.


Down Under

To get in on the trend without diving in full-force, apply color to your bottom lashes, only.


Shop our favorite colored mascaras, below — and share your tips, tricks, and looks with us on social media.

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Images courtesy Nordstrom and MAC

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