Come Fly With Me: Our Picks For TSA-Approved Travel Products

Ahh, the airport scene of the frustrated traveler having to toss their beloved L’Occitane hand cream (which we had to do on a flight home from a cruise) or entire bottles of perfume (ours followed the same fate as our tube of L’Occitane), has become entirely too familiar. We often wonder about the whereabouts of our nicer discarded items, and with summer  travel season taking off we don’t want to spend good money on products that will help beautify TSA officers. Although, if it would make them a bit less surly, we’d gladly share some of our creams, scrubs and lotions!

To help make travel a bit more pleasurable, we’ve got the 3-1-1 (3-ounce bottles for 1 passenger in a 1 quart-size zip-lock bag) on where to find TSA-approved tiny tubes and bitty bottles. In addition to shopping your favorite beauty boutiques, head to, a Web site that carries many high-end brands (as well as more accessible ones) all in mini-sizes. There’s everything from nail polish to laundry essentials and to-go size headache relief. If you’re more into shopping brick-and-mortar, stores like Sephora have everything from mini-mascaras to beauty in a box kits meant to get you acquainted with a brand that have smaller size packages of bestsellers.


Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Travel Faves Kit ($43)

While hotels offer their own version of mini shampoo, breaking up with your at-home lather is hard to do. Frederic Fekkai has bundled together their entire Glossing line, so you can keep your locks lustrous and ignore those tiny bottles in the hotel bathroom. They’ve even added a mini comb and their award-winning hairspray, so wherever you may find yourself, you’ll have nothing but good hair days.

The Laundress Crease Release ($8 for 1.4 fl. oz)

Overpacking and cramming your suitcase is unavoidable (we know you need that extra LBD), so you’ll definitely need this spray packed, too. Just spritz your shirts, skirts and anything else and any wrinkles and creases will soften, making ironing a little less agonizing or giving your favorite outfits that freshly disheveled look.


Sephora Mini/Rollerball Fragrances (approx. $20 for a 0.24 fl. oz rollerball)

While most travel-size products will stay in your vanity case when you’re settled in at home, the rollerball fragrance is an ingenious item for on-the-go refreshes (just about every brand offers their signature scents in these popular pen-like rollers). From Stella McCartney to Kenzo and Issey Miyake, Sephora’s got just about any scent you can imagine ready to stow.

L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream ($20 for 2.6 fl. oz)

This travel-size tube of hand cream (it happens to be one of the line’s most popular products) will save your paws from cabin dryness and makes a great salve for your elbows and dry spots. Although half the size of its counterparts, it packs a big punch in your arsenal of travel essentials.

Benefit’s Beauty in a Box ($48)

Take all of Benefit’s beauty must-haves to-go. In one package, you get their must-have creaseless cream shadow, cult-fave mascara and more. But don’t think you’re skimping out, the kit contains several full-size items that just so happen to be travel-friendly. So feel free to stow away this whole beautiful bundle.


Mac Sized To Go ($10-15 for each 1 oz product) in stores and at

Mac’s huge line of skincare got miniaturized for the brand’s new Sized To Go line, small, flight-safe containers of their favorite products. Favorites include their cult favorite Fix+, Cleanse Off Oil and a 30-pack of their makeup removal toilettes, so while you pack your favorite shadows and lipsticks, you have an insurance policy when it comes to taking it all off when you land.

Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Solutions ($94.50) in stores and at

Bringing together some of Kiehl’s most high-tech formulations, this kit is perfect for those who haven’t dabbled in the brand or for those of you Kiehl’s devotees that can’t bear to part with your regimen.

Origins Travel Favorites ($10-15) in stores and at

Of course Origins would have the cutest DIY options — they’ve got a buffet of must-haves that your can mix and match (they even have a great bag that’s TSA approved — Ziplocks aren’t quite as chic). From hand cream to shave gel and body souffles, these cuties will ensure that you’re utterly prepared for takeoff!

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.