Contouring 101: Our Favorite Video Tutorials

Kevyn Aucoin's contouring method

Kevyn Aucoin’s contouring method

Fake it until you make it — unless you can’t. And that’s the ethos behind contouring, the makeup world’s latest obsession. Contouring and highlighting is all about giving yourself the sculpted cheekbones, narrow nose and broad forehead that you weren’t blessed with and you’ll never have without some serious surgical intervention. But thanks to the power of makeup, you can get the look of having it all with some tips and tricks. It’s easier now than ever, thanks in part to beauty brands which are offering up different powders and cream products to give beauty junkies everything they need and beauty gurus, which are more than happy to share their secrets so you can achieve the look in no time at all. All it takes is practice (and patience), and soon, you’ll be a pro.

We’ve picked out three of our favorites so you can have a go at creating the perfect sculpted look:

Josie Maran

The model turned beauty entrepreneur’s latest release is the Argan Creamy Concealer ($20), a wonder stick that does double duty as a contour and highlighting tool. Just grab two shades: one dark and one light. Apply the colors as outlined in the video below, which makes the serious art of contouring a little more fun with the idea that it’s as easy and drawing on a few feline features and creating a #josiecat. Who knew beauty had all this fun behind the tricks and tips?

Lisa Eldridge

As the new Official Global Creative Makeup Director for French heritage brand Lancôme, Lisa Eldridge is the expert behind the line’s latest releases. One of the standouts? A double-sided contour and highlight stick called Le Duo ($36) that has both shades coordinated together. With options for very deep and light skin, there’s an option for everyone, and each one is expertly chosen so it looks super natural and completely believable.

Kandee Johnson

And for a non brand-specific take on the contouring trend, try our favorite YouTube guru’s method, which uses different foundations to achieve the same effect. Just follow her method — sub in any products that you already have at home — and you’ll find yourself with the ultimate sculpted face. If you do want to nab her RCMA palette ($30), however, it’s available at Beautylish. And trust us, she might look crazy during the tutorial, but the final look is pretty spectacular.

Images courtesy Kevyn Aucoin

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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