Five Minutes With: Makeup Maestro Charlotte Tilbury

Backstage at Rachel Zoe

Backstage at Rachel Zoe

Backstage at Rachel Zoe’s first runway show at Lincoln Center, there was change afoot. Zoe had a baby in tow, a fresh new fringe and a beauty guru handling her models’ looks. Whether it was intentional or not, Zoe’s army of models stomped down the catwalk looking like exaggerated versions of Zoe herself — a legion of hyper-chic bohemian babes ready to take on the world. We chatted up Charlotte Tilbury while she was prepping models before they made their way out onto the runway. But the real scoop was her newest endeavor: a YouTube channel of her own. Tilbury spills on the look at Zoe and sharing her skills (she’s painted the faces of Kate Moss, J.Lo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Cara Delevigne) with the whole world.

Rachel Zoe face chart

Rachel Zoe face chart

FTD: What’s the look that Rachel wanted for the models?

CT: The look we created today is a perfect no makeup makeup look.

FTD: We’ve been hearing that a lot, what does that really mean?

CT: It’s the kind of makeup you wish you were born with.

FTD: If she’s not born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline?

CT: [laughs] It’s natural. A little bit of soft color on the cheeks, we used Dream Bouncy Blush, and a soft wash of color all around the eye. Finish it with mascara, we used Mega Plush Mascara in a black brown on the top and bottom lashes to create a natural, fluttering lash.

FTD: And the lips?

CT: We just used a lipliner to create a really heart-shaped lip. Really luscious. A few girls got a pop of color on their lips.

FTD: So it takes some work to look like you didn’t try at all, doesn’t it?

CT: It’s a very structured makeup. We wanted to create a real contoured and matte face. Like a girl who doesn’t try at all and is just impossibly cool.

FTD: Tell us more about your new YouTube channel.

CT: [I was] inspired by the fun I had shooting my first tutorial with Lisa [Eldridge]. I couldn’t resist sitting down with my friend Laura Bailey to make a video of my own.

FTD: And what’s the look you’ll be debuting first?

CT: The look had to be about the eyes, as Laura’s (the model and British Vogue contributor) are such an amazing, pale green. A smokey eye is such a classic, and this adds a little twist with a bit of sparkle and colour. The rest of the look is very simple and natural, making the eyes a mesmerising focal point.

Check out the video here (and get to practicing):

Photos courtesy Charlotte Tilbury and Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week

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