Get it Now: Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm

Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm

Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm

Legend has it that the original Benetint was developed by the founders of Benefit Cosmetics — Jean and Jane Ford — for a stripper, ahem, exotic dancer. Since then, the beloved beauty brand has added a bevy of different colors, all boasting the same packaging and multi-tasking lip-and-cheek staining formula. Benefit’s not done yet, however, because the latest addition to their lineup is the Benefit Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm ($18), which takes the colors that you know and love from those lip and cheek stains and brings them to a summer-ready balm you’ll be slicking on all season long.

Benefit insists that the perfect pucker involves a layer of tint (choose your poison, from the bright cherry red of the original Benetint to the newest, Color of the Year 2014’s Lollitint) topped off with the new Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm in a coordinating shade. And while we’re sure that the one-two punch results in a bulletproof lip, we love the feel of the new balms all on their own. Infused with moisturizing mango butter and sodium hyaluronate to lock in hydration. Use one layer on its own for a sheer wash of color that isn’t sticky or too slippery (we hate that, and so does our hair on breezy days) or add a few more layers for a bolder payoff. One more thing: they’re much more portable than their liquid counterparts, but we wouldn’t recommend leaving these in your car during the sizzling summer months. Like your favorite lipstick, these tubes can’t take the heat.

Available at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.