Get it Now: Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover

Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover

Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover

We’ve all been there. Pale legs lead to experimenting with self-tanner (especially now, when a chance of laying out is as rare as discounted Hervé Léger) and inevitably, you’re looking more like a streaky mess than a sun-kissed Brazilian bombshell. There’s a solution, however, and it’s not covering up your less-than-perfect gams in your go-to jeans. The new Bronze Buffer Self-Tan Remover ($10) is sure to a go-to for everyone that goes faux: it’s easy, it works and best of all, it won’t break the bank.

Whether you use a gradual tanning lotion, an instant-gratification bronzing mousse or you’re airbrushing on a faux glow, chances are you make a few mistakes. That’s where the Bronze Buffer comes in. It’s unique shape makes it capable of reaching between fingers and toes, where self-tanner is usually hiding out, ready to give up your self-tan secrets. Just moisten the sponge and gently rub it over any mistakes — streaks, excess buildup around elbows and knees, overzealous application — and they’re gone in a flash. Make sure not to rub in circles, just stay steady and smooth and you’ll get great looking results every time. It’s the only thing we’ve found to work after your self-tanner has already developed, so we’ll be stocking up. And in the off-season when you’re not slathering on the self-tanner, you can use the sponges dry to wipe away those pesky deodorant stripes that come when you’re deciding (and re-deciding) what to wear. A beauty all star? We’ve found our MVP.

Available at Sephora.

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