Get it Now: Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Fresh Sugar Face Polish

If you’re still searching for a scrub that’s free of micro beads to slough off your skin (summertime is all about fresh faces and smooth skin, right?), treat your beauty routine to the Fresh Sugar Face Polish ($58). The scrub’s formula is free of harsh micro beads and rough nut shells or fruit pits, so it’s gentle on your skin while still giving you great results from a combo of fruit acids and strawberry seeds.

The delicious smelling scrub eschews typical exfoliating methods (apricot seeds can be rough and give you tiny cuts, so be wary of other natural options) and offers up a one-two punch of vitamin C and antioxidant-rich strawberries — plus their seeds for a little extra scrub — and brown sugar, which is a natural humectant that will keep your skin moist and plump. Fresh also adds in a super-nourishing blend of meadowfoam seed, plum, mango and macadamia oils along with citrus oil to tone skin without drying it out. Slather it on your face, leave it on for about fifteen minutes, though we’ll admit to leaving it on just a bit longer than that, and then rinse off for a half-mask and half-exfoliating process that’ll leave you glowing and radiant. And try it on your elbows and knees, too, because we’re guessing that you’ve been out enjoying the sun a little too much and a little extra TLC never hurt anyone.

Available at Sephora.

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