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Hum Nutrition Supplements

They say that beauty is skin deep, but Walter Faulstroh and Christopher Coleridge, the guys behind Hum Nutrition, think that beauty starts way deeper. Deeper even than where the most expensive serums and creams can reach. So they decided to work from the inside out and created Hum Nutrition Supplements ($20-40), a range of beauty-boosting formulations that target specific skincare needs that work from within to get your skin looking its best.

HUM Nutrition founders Walter Faulstroh  and Christopher Coleridge

HUM Nutrition founders Walter Faulstroh and Christopher Coleridge

Working with a London-based nutritionist, Walter Faulstroh developed Hum after his first venture, a boosted water called V Water (think of it as Vitamin Water, only it was exclusive to Europe). Having faced troubled skin himself, he wanted to heal his own skin from the inside without harsh medication. The Hum range targets specific skincare concerns, so you can pick and choose just which formulations to take to get you glowing.

“Before Hum, most vitamins were complicated and did not solve modern day problems,” says Hum Nutrition co-founder Walter Faulstroh. “Chris and I decided to change that by starting with the consumer’s needs first and having the best brains in nutrition formulate a solution around them.” 

The selection includes Red Carpet, OMG, Smooth Operator and Time Capsule. Omega the Great — or OMG — is the brand’s foundation. Packed with omega fatty acids, it promoted healthy skin. Taken in conjunction with Daily Cleanse, which detoxifies your skin and body, it’s a great one-two punch to boost your beauty routine. Time Capsule and Smooth Operator work to boost your body’s anti-aging abilities with collagen, green tea and turmeric. Red Carpet’s formula is for getting glam hair and keeping that camera ready glow. Californians will appreciate Here Comes the Sun, a vitamin D3 blend that gives you the benefits of the sun without the harmful side effects. 

Available at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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