Get it Now: The NARS Christopher Kane Collection

NARS Christopher Kane Collection

NARS Christopher Kane Collection

Last fall, we announced a new collab from British label Christopher Kane and NARS. Well, the time has come for you to get in on the action, because it’s gone from a backstage preview to a real-life collection that’s ready to add a bold, brash take on beauty to your summers. Available now, the NARS Christopher Kane Collection brings together the neons of the runway with ultra-flattering neutrals to show them off.

Nars Cosmetics and Christopher Kane have been working together on the designer’s London Fashion Week shows since 2012, but this is the first collaboration between the brands. Dubbed NEONEUTRAL, the limited edition 10-piece collection brings together summer-ready neon shades along with the perfect neutrals. It’s not just for fans of Kane’s fashion — beauty lovers are sure to covet just about everything from this unique collection.

NARS Christopher Kane collection

NARS Christopher Kane collection

The NEONEUTRAL collection brings together three of Kane’s house signatures: bold neon, classic neutral and futuristic iridescence. Neons make an appearance on the lips, where you can grab bright glosses that go on sheer — it’s just a hint of bold, bright color that adds ultra-glam shine and a subtle stain. For neutrals, Nars is offering one of its signature blushes in an ultra-flattering neutral that is sure to look great on just about any skin tone. And as for iridescence, you’ll get that courtesy eye shadows with light-catching shimmer.

All of Nars’ best-sellers are here in addition to the blush, including its multitasking Multiple (the bold hot pink is exclusive to Nars’ own website and its stores) and creamy, pigmented shadows. And like all great things, once it’s gone, it’s gone. So act quickly if you want to snag anything from this show-stopping collab.

The NARS Christopher Kane Collection is available now at

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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