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NARS Matte Multiple

NARS Matte Multiple

NARS Matte Multiple

NARS Matte Multiple

Come summertime, the beauty world is usually overrun with words like “dewy,” “gleam” and the one we abhor the most: “moist.” Yes, we understand that looking like Death Valley is certainly not a beauty look that’s ever on trend, but we (and a lot of girls we know) tend to get “dewy” all on our own as soon as the springtime heat up starts. That’s why this season, we’re proponents of a shimmer-free, non-dewy matte look. Why? Because chances are, a matte look in the morning will be perfectly dewy come mid-afternoon, and that’s great because a fresh dewy look in the morning will no doubt become the Exxon Valdez at lunchtime. And the only thing you’ll need to stay on trend? The NARS Matte Multiple ($39).

The beauty look at Thakoon Fall 2014

The look at Thakoon Fall 2014

Don’t let matte deter you, especially since like all Nars products, these Matte Multiples pack vivid color and highly saturated pigment into what seems like a very small package. But in practice, you won’t be getting clowny red streaks if you pat on Siam, our favorite shade. Instead, you’ll get a flush that’s natural (we’re not ones to blush and sparkle, no matter how flushed we get). Nars multiples have become a cult favorite product ever since François launched them, and the newest ones were actually road tested during New York Fashion Week at the Rodarte and Thakoon fashion shows.

Available in seven shades, there are colors you can use as blush and lipstick (you can also use these damp if you want just a hint of color) as well as shades that are more suitable for contouring and highlighting. There are shades for the daring and demure, so opt for Siam if you want to go bold on the cheeks and lips or Anguilla if you’re more comfortable with natural looks. Of course, Mr. Nars himself would be the first person to tell you that there aren’t any rules when it comes to these wonder sticks, or any makeup for that matter, so feel free to experiment and find your own way of using thee Matte Multiples.

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