Get it Now: the NARS Restorative Night Treatment

Nars Restorative Night Treatment

Nars Restorative Night Treatment

Face it. Cold weather might have its perks (Scarves! Coats! Mulled wine!) but it’s also making your face as dry as your coworker’s cubicle jokes. Even if you’ve been slathering on your moisturizer and you’re basically waterboarding yourself drinking water nonstop, you’ve probably lost a little bit of moisture and radiance in your skin. Drop it all — well ok, maybe not that water — and reach for the NARS Restorative Night Treatment ($85). It’s a do-it-all wonder that’ll leave you glowing after just one treatment. Dry skin? Forget about it.

The Restorative Night Treatment has a unique Advanced Gel Matrix Technology, which locks in moisture overnight. Add to that ingredients such as alaria extract, which maintains the skin’s barrier and water reserves and almond, plum and rice bran oils to deeply moisturize and infuse your skin with a mega dose of essential fatty acids and nourishing omegas along with anti-oxidants for a glowing complexion in just one use. The unique formula transforms from a gel to a lightweight oil upon application, sinking right into your skin and quenching all those dry, flaky areas.

Slick on a layer before bed and you’ll wake up 146% more moisturized. And for an added boost, use it along with your favorite moisturizer for a one-two punch of deep hydration that’ll make your morning makeup routine that much smoother.

The NARS Restorative Night Treatment is available at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.