Hair Repair: Our Favorite Products, Tips and Tricks for Damaged Tresses

Color, frizz and dry, damaged hair.

Colored, frizzy and dry, damaged hair.

The holidays are in the rear view, but there are still a few reminders hanging around. That extra five pounds from eggnog, panettone and Moscow Mules, those presents you still haven’t gotten around to exchanging and your dry, frizzy hair from one too many blowouts. We’re taking it all one step at a time, starting at the top with your tired tresses, which probably need a little bit of TLC after being put through the ringer of hair dryers, coloring, processing and flat irons. We enlisted Tani Cole, Senior Stylist for Sassoon Salon at Orange County’s South Coast Plaza location for a few of her professional tips and tricks to give your hair the rehab it needs to be looking its best before the spring social circuit starts filling up your iCal.

Fashion Trends Daily: First thing’s first. Do we need those expensive shampoos and conditioners or do those fancy ingredients wash down the drain along with our the cash we spent?

Sebastian Drench Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Sebastian Drench Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Tani Cole: Quality products yield quality results! Extensive research goes into every ingredient put into shampoos and conditioners sold in high-end salons, leaving your hair hydrated without the excess build-up caused by most store-bought brands. If you’ve never invested in a quality shampoo and conditioner, now is the time.

Tani suggests: Sebastian Drench Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.

FTD: And should we be washing our hair every single day or is that really just a myth?

TC: Skip at least one day between washes, and after a week or two, your hair will feel better. The natural oils produced by the scalp actually help to moisturize the cuticle layer of your hair, protecting it and preventing it from drying out.

FTD: Plus, that gives us an excuse to skip one step in our routines!

TC: It’s one less morning you have to wake-up early just to wash and style your hair.

FTD: We’re guilty of blow out addiction and it’s starting to show. Is there any way we can get a little bit of style and body in our hair without having to put ourselves through the heat-and-repeat routine?

TC: Ask your stylist for an alternative look that enhances your natural hair texture and use a no-heat styling product, such as Sebastian Postion 9 for wavy hair or Sebastian Whipped Crème for curly, to give your hair a break from excess heat damage.

Kerestase treatments

Kerestase treatments

FTD: And if we’re really suffering from damage — say we bleached our crop for a New Year’s makeover — and nothing at home is helping, what can we do?

TC: Custom, in-salon treatments are available at Sassoon Salon, ready for you to take home. These treatments are completely customized to your specific hair needs and penetrate beyond the hair’s surface to really get deep into roots, healing from the inside out.

FTD tip: You can also add a treatment to any service while you’re in the salon, giving yourself a few extra minutes of scalp massage and seriously nourished hair.

FTD: And when we’re finally ready to get styling again, how can we make sure that our hair survives with as little damage as possible?

TC: Always use a heat protectant product before applying heat to your hair. The bottom line is, heat is not good for the hair. Try Sebastian Trilliant Thermal Protection Spray, designed to gently condition hair and provide heat protection. Just shake to blend and activate the Trilliant complex and apply to dry hair before styling.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

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