Kerstin Florian Skincare Launches at Spa Montage

Kerstin and Charlene Florian

Kerstin and Charlene Florian

With over 30 years in the spa business, Kerstin Florian has already built a cult following among world travelers and resort regulars. But just because you’re not getting a new stamp in your passport doesn’t mean that you can’t get a little pampering. The Montage Resorts, which have locations in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach for So Cal beauty junkies as well as Maui, Deer Valley and South Carolina for those suffering from a little wanderlust, have been launching Kerstin Florian Skincare at their respective spas and spreading the brand’s unique, all-inclusive approach to beauty.

“My passion is plants,” says Charlene Florian, Chief Creative Officer of Kerstin Florian International, based in Lake Forest, California. And those plants are found on Florian’s own travels, which find her in Sweden — which is where her mother was born — followed by a sojourn to Maccu Piccu and then Morocco. Florian uses these trips to find ingredients and knowledge alike, studying with gurus and healers along with shamans and herbalists. Florian takes that ancient knowledge and incorporates it into the innovative formulas at the brand that Kerstin Florain, her mother, built.

You won’t find Kerstin Florian products just anywhere, which is why having the line at the Montage Resorts is an exiting move for fans and for travelers looking to find something new. Kerstin Florian focuses on four major tenants to encompass an entire lifestyle and beauty is just part of it. Charlene and her mother believe that real beauty is built on nutrition (Charlene has a background in nutrition in addition to growing up going visiting spas around the world with her mother), regular exercise, peace of mind and the proper care of skin on the face and body alike. “We love that spas are an educational center. We have a mission to share about what wellness and great skincare are all about,” says Florian. “It’s not just about pushing products.”

Kirsten Florian Caviar Skincare

Kirsten Florian Caviar Skincare

Florian has ensured that the product line that bears her and her mother’s name is only available at resorts and spas that reflect her passion for wellness. “In all the countries, [our distribution] is very consistent. They’re all beautiful properties,” says Florian. “We have great partners worldwide.”

You’ll find the line in only four- and five-star resorts in 30 countries across the globe. The Montage resorts each have select Kerstin Florian treatments, including the results-oriented Correcting Advanced Repair Facial, which addresses fine lines and dullness with a combination of gentle acids and enzymes. It’s great for all skin types and pulls from the company’s most popular products. The Montage resorts also offer the ultra-luxe Deluxe Caviar Facial, which plumps the skin and infuses it with peptides, protein, co-enzyme A and more with Swiss-made formulations. The treatments are available at all Montage properties, though Florian does offer unique treatments at each location.

Next up for the brand is a certified organic line to bring the wellness aspect of Kerstin Florian to the forefront. “Blending ancient healing tradition with the latest technologies is the most exciting part of development,” says Florian. “These plants and techniques have been around for centuries, we’re just now discovering how to add them to beauty products.”

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