L.A. Makeup Bar Blushington Contouring The Way For Next Big Beauty Trend (Video)

Move over blow dry bars. There’s a new gal in town: The makeup bar. While the now-ubiquitous $35 blow dry concept has shown that the trend wasn’t just a bunch of hot air, its sister concept–the makeup bar- is poised to do the same by offering women gorgeous, professional makeup applications for $40.

Leading the pack is Blushington, the L.A.-based makeup and beauty bar in West Hollywood founded by Stephi Maron. Located on Sunset, next door to the uber-successful DryBar blow-out concept which has been popping up in cities across the U.S. faster than you can say ’round brush’, Blushington is perfectly positioned to scoop up ladies getting their hair done who need professional makeup to complement their look.

We admit it: We’re already a little addicted. And not just because we want to move into Blushington, with its Hollywood Regency-meets-Palm Springs glam vibe. (Incidentally, the design was created the same team that handled DryBar.) We’re addicted for the same reason we love DryBar: The democratization of beauty services! It finally fills a beauty hole so obvious that we are left flailing our gel-manicured hands and eloquently saying, “Uh, duh!” Ladies: You had two choices before: 1. Play Russian roulette by choosing a makeup artist at a department store and risk looking like a drag queen–and not a good one, at that! And be pressured into buying too much makeup or not the kind you really need. 2. Pay a couple hundred dollars for professional makeup on very special occasions.

Want to see what all the fuss is about yourself? Check out the Daily Trend video here at Fashion Trends Daily for a peek into the prettiest new makeup trend we’ve seen all year!

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Author:Michelle Dalton Tyree

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