Monday Muse: Antonio Lopez Inspires MAC

Supermodels Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall, and Pat Cleveland

Supermodels Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland: Antonio’s Girls

MAC Cosmetics is known for partnering with fashion’s biggest names — we just broke news of their forthcoming collab with Anna Wintour-approved, downtown favorites Proenza Schouler — but they’re also famous for their collaborations with more unexpected partners. The glamorous but off-kilter Dame Edna, for example, and even latin lover Ricky Martin have worked with the brand for capsule collections. The latest release from MAC takes inspiration from the work of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, who worked in the era of sequins, decadence and excess: the ’70s. His girls Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland were dubbed Antonio’s Girls, and they reconvened again to promote the line, which eschews minimal no-makeup makeup and embraces all-out glam.

“Our collection with Antonio Lopez is symbolic of a time when indulgence was at its peak,” said James Gager, creative director of MAC Cosmetics. “There was a magic to his world and a time in history that hasn’t been recaptured; I think people are lusting after that glamour, which is difficult to come by today.”

Lopez himself was deeply entrenched in the fashion world. Together with his collaborator Juan Eugene Ramos, Lopez is credited with discovering Jerry Hall, Grace Jones, Jessica Lange and Tina Chow. Prior to that, he had worked illustrating the work of American couturier Charles James and worked with Karl Lagerfeld in the 1970s. Another significant connection: Lopez introduced Bill Cunningham to photographer David Montgomery, who gave Cunningham his very first camera.

In his work, Lopez was always over-the-top. Throughout his career, his illustrations were always marked with certain characteristics. Girls were highly stylized, with sharp features, bold colors and makeup applied in slashing angles and acid colors such as bright orange, teal and fire engine red. His work was featured in Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and more, giving both his models and the designers a certain notoriety. Antonio’s girls were always brash and brazen, always done up and never apologetic. In a nutshell, they were the ’70s.

MAC's Antonio Lopez collection

MAC’s Antonio Lopez collection

The MAC Antonio Lopez collection, though inspired by Lopez’s vintage illustrations, is thoroughly modern. For the girl on the go, each item is packaged as a palette bearing a signature Lopez lady. While the images might be a throwback, the makeup isn’t. Expect creamy formulations, easy-to-use colors and the incredible quality that MAC is known for (they’re a makeup artist favorite for a reason).

The eye palettes are separated into three colorways, one neutral and two brights featuring teal and purple. The palettes each combine an array of textures, including mattes and shimmers so you can achieve multiple looks without shuffling around looking for a specific shade. The lips palettes are similarly packaged with each compact combining three colors that you can wear alone or mix together for a custom shade. Go bold with the shades of red or more demure with shades of pink.

The most coveted items are sure to be the face powders, which combine a blush and highlighting powder together with a beauty powder, one of MAC’s most beloved multitasking powerhouses. Use it as an allover powder to set your makeup or use it as bronzer to fake a tan. You can also use it to sculpt and contour the face. In addition to the makeup, the collection also includes several makeup bags and a limited edition powder brush. Whatever your day-to-day beauty routine entails, it never hurts to have the goods to turn out a disco diva look when you need to. Halloween’s just around the corner, after all.

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