MOR Beauty: More Than Just a Pretty Package

MOR Co-Founder Dianna Burmas

MOR Co-Founder Dianna Burmas

They come from a land down under: Mor cosmetics, the beautifully wrapped soaps, intricately embellished candles and scented products from Australian duo Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor. And they have become a go-to for anyone looking for a gift that’s sure to impress.

After meeting in 1998, the pair founded a company based on their shared passions of aromatherapy and perfumery. Mor brings together old-world techniques with a modern approach to scent, which is evident in their packaging. Drawing from world travel, antique inspirations and historical influences, the Baroque-style candles, soaps and more, so to speak, have earned Burmas and St. Mor a cult following inside and outside the beauty industry.

While the brand is known for gift-ready soaps and sweetly scented candles, Mor is expanding to encompass even more and you’ll have a hard time parting with their new releases. gorgeousness. We spoke with co-founder Dianna Burmas to chart the course of Mor’s journey and talk about other hot news for the beauty brand.

Mor Lychee Flower Soap

Mor Lychee Flower Soap

Fashion Trends Daily: We love MOR for last-minute gifts, what are some items everyone should have on hand, in case we need hostess gifts or birthday gifts?

Dianna Burmas: Our Emporium Triple Milled Soaps would have to be the most classic hostess gift, hand-wrapped in our exclusive embossed papers and available in a bouquet of our finest fragrances. The Little Luxuries line of popular MOR miniatures has also been designed to suit a considered budget, without compromising on all the trimmings.

FTD: MOR is as much about the beautiful packaging as it is about the products. Where do you find the inspiration on the packaging?

DB: I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel extensively over the years as our ingredients and materials are sourced globally. Between my daily experiences and living between London and Europe, it all contributes to the inspiration for new products. My most inspired moments come from observing the native environment of plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables and even minerals such as semi-precious stones and crystals.

Little Luxuries Marshmallow Collection

Little Luxuries Marshmallow Collection

FTD: How does Mor’s packaging reflect the products inside?

DB: I like to study the historical connection between natural elements and the way in which civilizations of the past utilized, symbolized and even venerated ingredients in their daily life and rituals. From here, a story develops that I can then interpret into a new perfume, ingredient recipe or even a packaging design.

FTD: When you’re formulating a scent for Mor, do the scents work across all platforms or do you reserve some specifically for home and others for body?

DB: We are on the cusp of launching a new home fragrance line and in this case, the fragrances have been designed specifically for the home interior. Having spent time living in France over the years, I have noticed the locals are quite happy to pick up a bottle of room spray and of course use it to infuse the room, but also want the scent for themselves. I think there is a vertical trend in the fragrance market so anything is possible. As long as you are expressing your individuality, why not go ahead and be brave with your choices?

Mor cosmetic bags

Mor cosmetic bags

FTD: We also noticed MOR is expanding into cosmetic cases, are there plans for Mor color cosmetics?

DB: There are definitely plans in the pipeline to expand into new categories, one of which was successfully launched as the accessories range of cosmetic bags. We are also working very diligently on the development of a new skincare line, which we hope to share with you in more detail in the not too distant future.

FTD:  What is the story behind your most popular scents? Are there some fan favorites that keep selling no matter the season?

DB: Surprisingly there are quite a few fragrances that have an obsessive, cult following. These include Marshmallow, which was one of the original fragrances we launched back in 2001, while Italian Blood Orange, Lychee Flower and Snow Gardenia also rank in our top scents. All four fragrances are quite distinct from one another, representing the opposing ends of florals and fruits. You could say they represent four very different personality types, too.

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Author:Christopher Luu for Fashion Trends Daily

Christopher Luu is a Fashion Trends Daily Senior Writer and Menswear Editor.