Get it Now: NARS’ Limited-Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS Limited-Edition Orgasm Blush

NARS Limited-Edition Orgasm Blush

Sick of hearing about summertime beauty yet? What about summer anything? By now, you’ve got your warm-weather staples on lock, right? Bikini — check. Beach bag — check. New round towel? Check and check. But what about a tried-and-true favorite that you’ll use long after the sweltering summer? That’s where the new  NARS Limited-Edition Orgasm Blush ($39) comes in.

Sure, you probably have an Orgasm (or two!) in your stash, but you definitely don’t have this one. The cult-fave beauty brand is offering up a new take on its most popular shade. Don’t fret, though, because it’s the same color you know and love, just blown up to a super-sized proportion and done up in an all-new package. The peachy-pink blush is unchanged — thank heavens, because the uproar that would come with any change to this standby would be insanity — right down to the subtle gold shimmer. But with this new version, you’re getting a cute graphic on the compact that is perfect for summertime and to offer up wanderlust inspiration all year long.

Since it’s so big — almost double the usual compact — it’ll last you season after season (after season), even if you use it every day. That’s thanks to plenty of pigment and an ultra-flattering formula and hue that works on every skin tone. You don’t get cult status for nothing, right? Look closer at the mirror, too, because NARS has etched it with #WHATMAKESYOUBLUSH. Search that hashtag on social for inspiration and more while you primp.

Available at Sephora.

Images courtesy Sephora

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