Give Mom A Glow With Nurse Jamie’s Instant UPLift Wand

Nurse Jamie's Instant UPLift Wand

Nurse Jamie’s Instant UPLift Wand

Being a mom is a full-time job, only unlike many other full-time jobs, it’s pretty tough to tell HR that your work-life balance isn’t exactly in balance. And while we’d all love a little time to ourselves for a full-on facial, massage, and maybe an injection or two, the reality is, most moms don’t have a team of folks working behind the scenes to get them ready for red carpets.

But L.A.’s very own Nurse Jamie, who can count Khloé Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Kelly Rowland as clients, is giving gals everywhere a way to boost their glow without having to make an appointment. Inspired by ancient Chinese beauty regimens and stone massage, the Instant UPLift Wand is an easy way to add a dash of glam — and plenty of skin-care benefits — without throwing your whole schedule off.

“My philosophy is when you look good you feel good then work good and do good – I don’t think ‘tending your garden’ is shallow at all — I think its deeply connected to how we feel — even my celebrity clients find it hard to make in into the spa as often as they would like,” explains Nurse Jamie. “So creating a home device was to continue benefits of the spa treatments we offer and give you a spa experience — giving a woman (and a mom) the opportunity to focus on doing something for herself for a few minutes is as good for the mind as it is for the face.”

The UPLift Wand ($69) is covered with 24 tourmaline stones, which stimulate collagen, pump up the skin’s own natural processes, and plump up fine lines when massaged over the face. They’re embedded in an easy-to-use, completely silent, and battery-free spinning wand. That means that busy moms and anyone looking for a little lift can use it while they’re on a call, while they’re feeding the tots, and even while they’re in bed.

“Anytime you want a little pick-me-up and feel the need for a little glow on the go — you can literally do the UpLift anywhere,” Nurse Jamie adds. “You don’t have to plug it in and charge it — just press and roll. Use it alone or to enhance your favorite skin-care serum.”

The stones add springiness to the skin by supporting the contraction of fibers within it, encouraging proper circulation, and revealing a healthy, youthful glow. Plus, the stones add both a positive and negative charge to the skin, allowing any skin-care products used with it to absorb deeper and at the highest efficacy.

And while Nurse Jamie explains that no at-home device could ever replace surgery or offer up the dramatic results that going under the knife can provide, she does explain that the Instant UPLift Wand can delay surgeries and is great to maintain the results of a procedure.

“If you think about what a massage or a facial does for you — that indescribable glow you walk away with.  You look healthy, rested, and fresh,” Nurse Jamie says of the effect. “That is what the UpLift will give time after time glow after glow.  You don’t need to make an appointment to get a mini daily facial.”

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