Purge Your Mailbox With the Best Quarterly Subscription Boxes

Le Matchbox

Le Matchbox by Jouer

If your mailbox has reached critical mass and your mail carrier rolls his or her eyes every time you get another subscription box delivery, you might need to Kondo your postbox. Take a deep breath. If you’re anything like us, you’ve got enough beauty samples to last you through the zombie apocalypse (maybe a few of those undead babes could use a makeover?) and gauzy scarves and granola bars busting through your artisan crafted woven baskets. Instead of signing up for another monthly delivery, try to edit your subscription shopping with one of our top three picks. Coming just four times a year, these boxes are well worth the wait.

The Le Matchbox quiz.

The Le Matchbox quiz.

Le Matchbox by Jouer 

Instead of beauty samples, Le Matchbox offers up full-sized products. Yup, no more comically small lipsticks, tiny atomizers of fragrance and tubes of face wash that won’t even get your #FOTD off. Coming in at $45 each, or $65 for a one-time purchase, Le Matchbox is filled with the eco-friendly cosmetics brand’s picks for you.First you take a short, eight-question quiz and the fancy algorithms, beauty experts and behind-the-scenes unicorns at Jouer will fill a box with colors that are meant to complement your coloring and your beauty routine. In short, it’s stuff you’ll want to use, not an electric blue eyeliner that you’ll have to gift to your favorite tween. Past boxes have included up to four full-sized products as well as beauty tools (also full-sized, not chintzy samples) and a special magazine that’ll tell you just how to use your new beauty goods.

For more information, visit www.jouercosmetics.com.

Popsugar's Must Have Box

Popsugar’s Must Have Box

PopSugar Must Have Special Edition Box

Yes, PopSugar has its own monthly subscription service, but for the money, we’re pulling out the plastic for the brand’s exclusive seasonal boxes. While they’re a little more pricey at $100, past boxes have partnered PopSugar with big names like Target, Neiman Marcus and more. With labels such as Joie, Deborah Lippman, Jonathan Adler, Loeffler Randall, M Missoni and more included in past boxes, it’s definitely worth the Benjamin. Often filled with exclusives, they’re known to sell out quick. Unlike other subscription boxes, these Special Edition wonders — which span all types of lifestyle goods, not just beauty — are a one-time buy. Get on the list and you’ll find out when you can snag your very own. But let’s not be selfish. These make great gifts for that person in your life that already has it all.

For more information, visit musthave.popsugar.com.

Food52's Quarterly Box

Food52’s Quarterly Box


The name says it all. Quarterly is the one that started it all. But unlike other boxes, which seem to be curated by some stylish unknown force, Quarterly lets its subscribers follow the tastemakers and influencers and purchase boxes with goods hand-selected by each one. Style mavens have been scooping up packages with picks from Nina Garcia, guys can opt to follow GQ and snag its selections and you can even opt for Pharrell and Ariana Huffington-curated crates. There are more and more influencers being added all the time, with blog Food52, fitness guru Dave Asprey and actress Rosario Dawson on the roster. Nerds can geek out with picks from Bill Nye and Wil Wheaton and you can sate your wanderlust with a box from Fathom. Every quarter (at $35-100 per), you’ll get a delivery of goods which include candles, grooming products, books, art pieces, foodstuffs, recipes, jewelry, and more. There are no limits, seeing as how each and every influencer has his or her own collection of quarterly finds.

For more information, visit www.quarterly.co.

Images courtesy Quarterly, PopSugar and Jouer

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