Sephora Launches The Beauty Board

Sephora's Beauty Board

Sephora’s Beauty Board

Admit it: you’ve been on YouTube watching a spry young beauty applying a perfect smoky eye and you’ve scrolled through Pinterest looking for that perfect braid to go with your maxidress. You don’t have to be ashamed, we’ve all done it. And with the new platform The Beauty Board, Sephora’s letting everyone play expert and share their own tips for the perfect beauty looks, all without the muss and fuss of video editing. All you have to do is upload a photo (or two), add your own commentary and let everyone know just what products you used to get that look.

Chances are, when you peruse social media for a little beauty inspiration, you’ve been let down when you can’t find exactly what eye shadow was in al look or just what sort of texturizing spray made that one girl’s hair perfectly bouncy. With The Beauty Board, all the guesswork is gone, since users — we’ve spied a few Sephora team members on the board, too — have product picks accompanying each and every look. If you love a look, you can immediately add the products to your cart for easy, breezy shopping. Another aspect of The Beauty Board we love is that girls are using it to review products, too, so if you’ve been on the fence about orange lipstick or wondering if that Marc Jacobs eyeshadow palette is worth the splurge, just click onto The Beauty Board for some recommendations. If you’re feeling especially proud of a look you’ve created, or just want input from a global community of beauty junkies, upload a few pics of your best looks and get instant feedback. Think of it as microblogging, only you’ve got a bevy of beauty obsessives to give you tips and “likes.” Trust us, you look great in that orange lipstick, but if you need a second (or third, fourth and fifth) opinion, The Beauty Board is the place to be.

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