Get it Now: The Ordinary Is Now Available At Sephora

The Ordinary

The Ordinary

New year, new skin. That’s how it goes, right? Whether or not your resolutions involve a total do-over of your bathroom vanity, pay attention to this new launch. Sephora, the beauty emporium that we all love, has officially stocked its virtual shelves with goods from Canadian line The Ordinary. Never heard of it? You will soon, because the internet favorite has been making waves for years as the Everlane of skin care. Affordable, no-nonsense, and totally photogenic, the line is out to give everyone the best skin of their lives without the bells and whistles that normally come with high-end salves and serums.

With absolutely nothing over $15, The Ordinary may look too good to be true, but that’s because the brand is more about what’s inside than focusing on things like packaging and marketing. Instead of high-profile celeb endorsements and glossy ads, the brand focuses on word of mouth, which may be why the internet’s skin-care whizzes are all about it. Pick up a power-packed serum with five different peptides — known as The Buffet — for just $14.80. That’s the most expensive option, too, since other serums and treatments ring in at around $8. Browse the different options and you’ll find every beauty buzzword: glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, BHA, vitamin C, and retinoids. They may not be the most glam products at Sephora, but now that the superstore has these tubes and potions in stock, fans don’t have to worry about the near-constant sell-outs and mile-long waitlists any longer. It’s an easy way to redo your routine without breaking the bank, which will make that save-more-money thing that you promised to do that much easier, too.

Available at Sephora.

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Author:Christopher Luu

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